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Top things to do in Africa

by Johnny Ward
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Africa is most probably the most fascinating continent on the planet, with so much to see and do it is a place that you should visit. You can have an adventure holiday, go trekking, embark on a safari or simply lounge on the beach for the whole time. Whatever you are looking for you are Continue Reading »

Top Tourist Destinations in Ethiopia

by Johnny Ward

East Africa may not be the first choice for the average holidaymaker, but Ethiopia is far from being the average holiday destination. The main thing any potential visitor to this beautiful country should know is that it follows an adaptation of the ancient Coptic and Julian calendars, so therefore their current year is 2005 and Continue Reading »

Off-Road Tours in Morocco

by Johnny Ward

Morocco is a very interesting place to visit.  With beaches along both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it is safe to call Morocco a beach goer’s heaven.  Beach towns like Agadir on the South Atlantic Coast and Casablanca in the North attract beach goers from around the world. However, not everyone is a Continue Reading »

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