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Illegally Crossing from Venezuela to Colombia (this story contains grenades!)

I had spent the last ten days or so traversing Venezuela, a beautiful, complicated country. Home to the world’s tallest waterfall, Angel Falls, to arguably the most beautiful mountain in the world, Mount Roraima, and of course, home to perhaps the most beautiful women in the world, with Venezuela having picked up more Miss Universe Continue Reading »

Donald Trump: from New York to Washington?

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Most probably the world’s best known business tycoon and renowned deal-maker, Donald Trump is now the forerunner to become the Republican Party’s presidential candidate. As yet, even presidential betting can’t say for sure what his chances are of having the keys to the White House before the year is out but Donald Trump is certainly Continue Reading »

Escape to America’s Best Fishing Spots

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Relaxation season is here. Leave the job, the bills, and the worries behind as you head to your favorite fishing hole this year. Try a place you’ve never been, or hit up the same spot where you pulled out that monster last year — just don’t miss out on a break from the everyday grind. Continue Reading »

How to Backpack around Peru – with PeruHop

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My trip around South America was one of the best experiences I’ve had – Galapagos, Easter Island, the World Cup Final, Machu Picchu, but one thing I wasn’t quite prepared for was the sheer size of the continent. Night bus after night bus, and with my awful Spanish, often it was tough to organise. I was Continue Reading »

Classic Car Havana Tour in Cuba

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If you can set down the rum and cigars for a couple of hours, which is pretty difficult believe me, then the one ‘must-do’ activity in Cuba is to ride around Havana in a classic car. No sooner had I booked my flight from Dominic Republic to Cuba, I had wanted to lock in my Continue Reading »

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