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Donald Trump: from New York to Washington?

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Most probably the world’s best known business tycoon and renowned deal-maker, Donald Trump is now the forerunner to become the Republican Party’s presidential candidate. As yet, even presidential betting can’t say for sure what his chances are of having the keys to the White House before the year is out but Donald Trump is certainly Continue Reading »

Escape to America’s Best Fishing Spots

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Relaxation season is here. Leave the job, the bills, and the worries behind as you head to your favorite fishing hole this year. Try a place you’ve never been, or hit up the same spot where you pulled out that monster last year — just don’t miss out on a break from the everyday grind. Continue Reading »

5 Things to See in Quebec

To see fascinating historical sights, beautiful buildings and natural scenery and experience lovely French hospitality, head to the Canadian region of Quebec. The beautiful Quebec hotels (I personally would love to stay at rival those of Europe, and the charm and atmosphere in this city is sure to bring a smile to your face. Don’t miss Continue Reading »

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