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How to Get From Yangon to Mandalay

 Burma is an awesome country to backpack around, and thanks to the fear-mongering by western media sources you have the country practically to yourself. As far as a ‘tourist-trail’ goes, there are four places you’ll definitely want to visit – Yangon (the countries biggest city), Mandalay (one of the former Capitals), Bagan (home to a Continue Reading »

Accommodation in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

 So the Bagan temples in Burma outreached any expectations I had – they truly are a wonder of the world, absolutely beautiful. My stay in Bagan, like every other experience in Burma, was awesome too but this had one extra special feature! It’s not like me to push any specific accommodation but this place deserves Continue Reading »

Bagan Temples – Burma (Myanmar)

Burma’s biggest draw is their awesome temple complex at Bagan. Rivalling Angkor Wat as the most impressive temple complex in the world, the Bagan temples come without the tourist hordes, relentless hawkers and overpriced fees. Bagan is located roughly between Burma’s two main cities Yangon and Mandalay. You’re transport doesn’t actually run to Bagan proper Continue Reading »

Traveling Cheap – the boat from Thailand to China contd…

It was the evening of our 2nd day on the cargo boat, day 1 had certainly been an experience and as day 2 wore on we realised China was nowhere to be seen. We did, however, seem to be coming rather close to land.. It should be said at this point that we did have Continue Reading »

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