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Korea in Canada at the Winter Festival of Lights

This year’s opening ceremonies at the Ontario Power Generation’s Winter Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls will highlight Canada’s relationship with South Korea. 2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that “ended” the Korean War, in which 27,000 Canadians saw battle and over 500 lost their lives. 2013 also marks the Continue Reading »

Top 5 Ski Resorts in Asia

Japan, South Korea, China, and other Asian countries are breaking into more and more of the traditionally Western-dominated market for winter sports. As skiing and snowboarding continue to grow in popularity and all of these countries grow in population, new resorts are springing up everywhere, and older ones are being continuously upgraded. Here, in no Continue Reading »

Teaching at English Camps in Asia – FAQs

I have spoken about English camps in Asia briefly before but I wanted to go into a big more detail considering the fact that I’ve just finished a 3 week camp in South Korea in January. I just had one of the greatest months of my life, teaching awesome kids, meeting amazing people and all in a Continue Reading »

Missing flights, losing my bag, the kindness of strangers and breaking my foot (almost) all in 3 weeks in South Korea

Missing flights…..   So I’m working on a one month English camp in South Korea the moment  and it’s been quite the ride. The camp itself is only 3 weeks long due to an early Chinese New Year so you wouldn’t expect to much to go amiss… you’d be wrong.   I flew to camp Continue Reading »

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