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Showing My Mum Some Luxury in Northern Ireland; Lusty Beg Review

I don’t spend much time in Ireland each year, in fact I’ve probably spent more time in airplanes than in Ireland over the last ten years, so when I’m home I think it’s only fair I treat my mum to the best our wee country has to offer. I hadn’t been aware that Northern Ireland had any Continue Reading »

The origins of roulette

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Roulette is one of the most enduringly popular casino games ever invented. All around the world, every day, gamers pit their wits against the famous wheel, and these days, roulette can be played online from the comfort of your own home. One of the best things about modern day roulette, is the fact that you Continue Reading »

Why You Should Travel to Greece in 2016

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If you’ve followed the news over the last year then your prevailing image of Greece will be financial crisis, raucous protests and political conflagrations with other European countries – if this is your overriding impression, chances are you’ve got Greece all wrong!  What you probably won’t have seen is Greece’s tourism industry growing in double Continue Reading »

3 Great Reasons to Visit Vienna

Vienna is consistently ranked as one of the best cities in Europe to visit. It really should not come as any surprise because Vienna has it all; from spectacular events to culture and much, much more! I have been lucky enough to visit Vienna several times since I started my travels, each and every time Continue Reading »

Ice Caving in Iceland

Having been to every country in Europe apart from Norway, I can understand why people can get a little jaded with European travel. A church here, a museum there. Then comes Iceland. Iceland, in my opinion, is the best country to travel through in all of Europe, with Malta probably coming second. Northern lights, snorkelling between Continue Reading »

A tour of France’s greatest inventions

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Have you been to France yet? A visit to this beautiful country wouldn’t be complete without seeing the towns and cities where France’s greatest inventions were conceived. From roulette to denim and even cabaret, here are the places history buffs should visit to get a sense of French innovation.   Experience roulette in Monaco    Continue Reading »

5 Day Trips Outside London

London is a humongous city, one in which you could spend a week or two exploring, but when you’re on the road that city life can get to you! So if you’re feeling the urge to escape London for the day, fear not, you have plenty of options. Below are 5 great ways to spend Continue Reading »

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