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Backpacking in Budapest

I had heard all the hype, listened to all the stories and every time it was the same spiel “Budapest is amazing”, my hopes were raised to almost unreachable proportions. Thinking about it, I was almost stressed about finally arriving at this supposed European oasis with the belief that it simply won’t be able to Continue Reading »

Visiting the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest

After my naked gay Russian bath house experience in Moscow earlier in the year, I was a little skeptical about throwing myself back into the lion’s den with a Hungarian bathhouse, especially now I’m traveling solo again, but never one to miss out on an experience, throw myself back in I did, and what a Continue Reading »

Why you might never leave Budapest

The Hungarian capital is a city that so full of charms that not only requires a few days of visiting it but also that might leave the arriving traveller with the difficult decision of what to do next. It’s a common occurrence to find someone on your travels that comes from another country and is living in Continue Reading »