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Motivational Monday: Forgot the Old Boys Club, it’s Our Time to Shine

by Johnny Ward

As I prepare to launch my media company next week I’ve found myself wondering what it is that defines me. Most people who know of me online, or even people who know me personally call me a ‘traveller’ first and foremost. I don’t like to be labeled but if I have to be, then a Continue Reading »

Seeing Eastern Europe on a budget

by Johnny Ward

Prague, the gateway to Eastern Europe, is a premier city holding fast to a rich culture and underground surprises. Revelers should look no further than cosmopolitan Budapest for excellent nightlife. Kraków, considered a Jewel of the East, proves itself with its gripping history and grandiose architecture. Istanbul, the ‘World’s Hippest City’ has come a long Continue Reading »

5 reasons to join international volunteer programs

by Johnny Ward

International volunteering is being touted as the fastest growing employee engagement trend of the last few years. At the same time large numbers of individual volunteers are discovering the benefits of engaging with international projects through the growing travel sector of voluntourism. As a result there have never been more opportunities to find an international Continue Reading »

Motivational Monday; The Pareto Principle

by Johnny Ward

I remember my economics professor at uni proudly declaring that there’s “no such thing as a free lunch”, granted he didn’t coin the phrase (we can think Mr Smith for that one) but boy did he love to sell it. I just never quite bought it though, at least not entirely.   The message is Continue Reading »

Motivational Monday: How Many Hits Do You Need to Make Money from Your Blog?

by Johnny Ward

Everyday you hear about some new blogger cashing in on their website, press trips around the world, free flatscreen tvs or a new pair of shoes sent to their house. How do they do it? How can I do it?   I know,, I know I used to doubt it too. Thinking – People can Continue Reading »

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