I have written for, and been interviewed by, a host of internationally recognised websites and magazines. You can see a selection below:


Chicago Tribune; No home, just travel

AUDIO: Nomad Capitalist

Travel and Tourism Guide: Interview The Reach Our Dream Series

Jet Set Citizen: Interview with a vagabond

The professional hobo: A week in the life of Johnny Ward

Never Ending Voyage: Nomadic interviews

Maiden Voyage Travel: Q&A with Irish Backpacker and Blogger Johnny Ward

Teaching Traveling: Interview with Johnny: 45 countries in 4 years

You Can Teach English: Interview with a former English teacher in Thailand

Flipnomad: Meet the Nomads



Demon FM: “What’s a Real Job Anyway?”

Martin John: “How Hitting the Road Can Be A Lifestyle Choice”

Netflights: Tips for Traveling Around Asia

Top Travel Destination by Top Travel Bloggers: Ethiopia

Aventure Rob: Travelling in Bangladesh

Flip Nomad: 5 Tips to Stay Safe in ‘Dangerous’ Countries


Adventures of a Goodman: Better to regret something you did than something you didn’t



15 Best Travel Blogs from people always on the move: No Fixed Address here

Travel blog sites: One Step 4 Ward

Travel Bite top Blog:

July’s Top Travel Bloggers

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