FREE skype consultation available on appointment

I Can Plan Your Trip…

If you’ve ever read an awesome travel blog, heard a great travel story or looked longingly at someone in a travel picture and thought “I wish that could be me” well this is your chance because I can plan your trip for you…


My Credentials:

I have been traveling around the world for over 5 years. In that time I have:

– backpacked extensively through more than 50 countries

– had more ‘off the beaten path’ experiences than any gap year company could ever offer

– stayed with kind locals around the globe for a total of more than 3 months

– spent much much less than any guidebook or website will suggest you need

– visited countries most people couldn’t even place on a map

I’ve garnered so much information about backpacking over the last few years and now I want to offer my expertise to you! I am offering this service to ensure the spirit of traveling isn’t lost to air-conditioned buses full of other foreigners, to guest houses selling beans on toast and pizzas or to English pubs and pints of Guinness – you know what I mean. If you want to really travel, I can make that happen for you….



What I offer:

Working with me, you’ll receive:

– Full pdf files with maps, photos of the top sites, recommendations and a personal email address you can contact for further advice

– Full visa, insurance and injection advice

– Personalised, tailored ‘off the beaten path’ journeys

– Confidence you haven’t missed anything when you were in each country

– A trip of a lifetime, different from the other 100,000 backpackers who all end up on identical trips


FREE skype consultation available on appointment

FREE skype consultation available on appointment

I will offer a FREE 15 minute skype consultation to start the relationship (with no further obligation of course). After that, if you decide to progress, you will receive an info-request document with some relevant questions that I will need to design an optimal schedule for you. After I get that back, I’ll begin to plan your trip for trip for you. You will receive the pdf schedule, complete with photos of the highlights your trip will include, within 1 week of sending back the info-request document.

NOTE: This plan will promote backpacking and budget traveling. I have no experience with 5* hotels/resort holidays. This is for people who want to experience independent travel (with a nudge in the right direction), for people who want to truly ‘feel’ what a country has to offer, get off the beaten track and have the time of their lives.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive, taxis from one destination to the next type of trip, this service is not for you.


The Cost:

All payments are accepted via paypal or bank transfer

All payments are accepted via paypal or bank transfer

I am offering this service to make sure traveling remains a cultural experience, not to make me rich. For that reason I will be charging people a flat $25 USD per hour (minimum charge of $100) regardless of how many people use the itinerary. If you’re traveling in a group of 4, it’s the same cost.

Just a point of reference, if you are planning to backpack around Asia for 6 week then that normally takes me around 10 hours to plan (around $200-$250). Consider this fee as the best investment of your entire journey, really! You will have the best time of your lives, I guarantee it…




I know that the trip I plan for you will be one the best trips you ever take. I’m so confident in that fact that, upon your return, we’ll exchange emails and if you didn’t have an awesome time (no scams please guys!) then I’ll give you a full refund. However, I know you’re going to have the most amazing time ever, so it will never come to this!


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