13 travel essentials every backpacker must have

There is nothing more spellbinding than traveling. The long trails, the mountain peaks, the summer air, and all the serene moments of bliss make each travel a unique experience for your heart and soul. Unfortunately, travel is not just that. From noisy plane neighbors to unpredictable weather, nothing can prepare you for what a trip can throw at you.

Over the years, I have traveled many trips to realize that when it comes to overcoming the most complex travel hurdles, certain simple items can become more helpful than you imagine. These items range from basic toiletries to necessary electronic gadgets. Here is a list of 13 essentials that every traveler should have in their backpacks.

1. Maps

If you are a traveler, it is always great to have a world map collection. Set up a world map on your wall at home. It will help you easily familiarize yourself with different locations around the world. Keep physical maps of places with you while traveling, even if you have them available online or on your device. Not all places will have internet access or electricity.

2. Flashlight (with extra batteries)

Whether you are out trekking, hiking, camping, or just traveling, it is very important to always have a flashlight in your backpack. The torch on your smartphone may not always be reliable and can drain your device’s battery. Even if you are not on  an overnight journey, a flashlight can be helpful in keeping you safe and facing obstacles while traveling. Make sure to pack extra batteries as well.

3. Toiletries

Hygiene is important while traveling. However, it is impossible to stay germ-free during trekking or camping. There may not be any facility to provide you amenities for your personal hygiene. So, pack the necessary toiletries including hand sanitizers, soaps, shampoo pouches, and other essential grooming items.

4. First aid kit

Traveling can get rough and unpredictable. Adventure sports activities like rafting and jet skiing are dangerous and can often lead to some cuts and bruises. Keeping a first-aid kit ready with you can be helpful at these times. It is better to be safe than sorry.

5. Weatherproof sleeping bags

If you are staying in a hotel for your vacation, then it’s okay to skip this. Travelers going on hiking or camping must carry strong, lightweight, weatherproof sleeping bags with them. Unfavorable weather conditions can easily affect your plans for finding shelter or setting up a camp tent.

6. Reusable water bottle

Always make sure that you are hydrated while traveling. By keeping a reusable water bottle, you can avoid the hassle of buying water in plastic bottles. Many reusable, lightweight, filtering water bottles are capable of removing harmful bacteria and other waterborne contaminants. It will be also good for the environment if we use fewer disposable plastic bottles and become responsible travelers.

7. Laptop

Is it safe to travel with your laptop?! For travel bloggers like me, this can become a tricky question. Bring a laptop on your trip does have its disadvantages, but it is not an impossible thing to handle. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to bringing your laptop along while traveling

8. Luggage locks (extra pairs)

The best way to keep your luggage safe is by using luggage locks. They secure your valuables while you are out enjoying yourself on your wonderful trip. Make sure to bring some extra pairs just in case. 

9. Packable jacket

When you are buying jackets for travel, always go for the ones with the right size and strong fabric. A breathable, lightweight, weatherproof one can prevent you from getting sick or catching a cold. It also should not restrict your motion while hiking or trekking.

10. Skincare products

Getting exposed to sunlight, dust, dirt, and other harsh climatic conditions can quickly affect your skin. Skincare products like sunscreens and moisturizers can help keep your skin unaffected by the changing conditions. When you are buying sunscreens, make sure to buy ones with SPF 30 or more.

11. Universal adaptor

Power outlets and plug points can change from one country to another. For a frequent traveler, having a universal adaptor can be helpful in connecting with any power outlet across the world and charge their phones, cameras, laptops, or other electrical devices. 

12. Compact power banks

Adaptors are only useful when there is an electrical outlet. What will you do if you are camping in the middle of a deep forest? Or trekking a tall mountain? In such circumstances, the best tools to use are portable charges. Compact power banks of different capacities are available today and they will let you charge your devices from anywhere.

13. Disposable bags

Disposable bags can be very useful and not for the ‘disposable’ part. It can be put to many uses including collecting wet clothes, keeping dirty clothes away from clean ones, and more. If you are using disposable bags, be a responsible traveler and do not throw them around carelessly after your use.

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