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Drinking on a backpacker budget can be a bit of struggle, especially if you’re in Westernised countries. So be smart my frugal friends, hit the sauce (hard) in the hostel before you go near any bars.

hostel drinking games

When you’re gathered in your hostel common room, box of wine in hand, unleash a couple of these drinking games below and you’ll be on your merry way before you know it.


1)   Arrogance:

EQUIPMENT: 1 coin and big glass

An absolute favourite of mine. You sit in a circle around a table, all with your own individual drinks, and a communal empty glass in the centre. Anyone can start. Somebody will flip a coin and call heads or tails but BEFORE they flip, they pour some (as much as they want) of their personal drink into the communal glass.


When they flip the coin and guess heads/tails if they guess right they pass the communal glass on complete with their pour, if they’re wrong, they drink what they poured. Hence, if they confident (arrogant) they’re gonna guess right, they can pour a lot into the communal glass, ‘knowing’ that they won’t have to down it!


If they are correct, they pass the glass on to the next player. The next player  then pours his/her drink on top of whatever anyone else has poured already into the communal glass, and then flips the coin. If they’re wrong, they drink everything, if they’re correct, they pass it on to the next player. And so on.


If people are drinking different drinks, that’s fine. Wine goes on top of Guinness, which can go on top of vodka redbull, just be sure to guess right!


When someone loses, they drink the whole concoction and you play again.


2)   Drinking Poker:

EQUIPMENT: Cards and a large quantity of wine/beer/cider per person

I’m not gonna go into the rules of poker, I’ll assume (read: hope) that you guys know how to play that already. The only difference here is that we don’t play with money, with play with ‘fingers’ of booze.


So the blinds are one finger (one finger meaning that you have to drink the depth of one finger on your glass). With each hand played, everyone who plays commits to drinking at least one finger (unless you win the hand).


So, deal the cards. Then, just like online poker you have a choice to raise or check. If someone raises 3 fingers then you can either fold (thereby having to drink your blind of one finger) or call, where you are now committed to at least 4 fingers should you lose (the blind + the raise of 3 fingers). Deal the turn, bet again, and the river, bet again. To go ‘all in’ means one full glass, you can’t exceed one full glass. Only the winner doesn’t drink, everyone else has to down their punishments



These games have been the catalyst for some awesome friendships and some crazy nights. I hope you make good use of them. I’ll show some more next week! Happy travels.


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