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Italy is on many people’s bucket lists for good reason – it is an unbelievable destination that will give you the trip of a lifetime. The country is world famous for its food, history, fashion, beaches and of course the people.

Of course you can get excited about your trip, but before you head off there are somethings you should know. Italy tours are extremely popular, everyone who goes on one soon learns that Italy has its own unique customs and etiquette. So to make sure your holiday is as perfect as can be, we put together a list of the top 5 things you should know before you go.

Dinner Time

If you’ve ever been to Spain then you’ll know that the locals there start dinner late. In Italy it’s not quite as late but you should be prepared to have dinner at 7.30 – it starts as this time nearly everywhere you go. There’s a laid back approach to the opening and closing hours, so don’t be surprised if the owners don’t always stick to what’s on the door.

Don’t Miss The Art

I must admit that it can be easy to skip the art when you visit Italy. That’s because Italy tours will distract you with ancient ruins, amazing shops and mouth watering restaurants. SO make sure that you leave yourself some time to take in the amazing art scene that Italy has to offer. Most notably would be The Sistine Chapel ceiling – this cannot be missed!

Dress Correctly For The Vatican

You may or may not agree with the Catholic faith and its politics, but it is essential that you show respect when you take a visit to any of the following; Vatican Museums and gardens, the Sistine Chapel and others. No sleeveless tops, shorts, short skirts of caps are allowed. So basically just have both your shoulders and knees covered.

Public Toilets Are Everywhere

After you visit Italy you will wish that every city you visit follows Italy’s lead and provides as many public toilets. For just a Euro you will be able to use these toilets, so you don’t have to sheepishly walk into a restaurant masquerading as a customer!

Do Venice In A Day

You might think that only one day in the most romantic city on earth is a bad idea, but trust me it’s the perfect amount of time! Do not skip Venice completely, make sure you give yourself one, or at most two days there. It keeps the cost down and helps you to avoid the crowds also.


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