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Backpacking in China is real traveling – difficult language, huge culture shock, crazy foods and general mass confusion so when it all gets a little much for you, find a place to kick back, grab a long-island and forget all the chaos. There’s few places better to party in China than in Beijing, this place rocks hard. Although China is generally a pretty cheap place to travel in, partying in their east coast cities isn’t so be prepared to pay similar prices to what you pay back home. That being said, you’re going to have an awesome time so it’s well worth it, now check out the 5 best clubs in Beijing:


The World of Suzie Wong

In the Chaoyan District, the World Suzie Wong is one of the most banging clubs in this part of the city. It’s pretty high end, and designed to look like an opulent opium den, full of hot Chinese twenty-somethings and a young professional expat crowd. Cover charges can be $20-$30 and the place is jam packed from Thursday through to Sunday. Oh, and it’s open until 6am so bring some redbull, this is going to get very very messy.

The World of Suzie Wong Beijing


This has branches in both Shanghai and Guangzhou, but the one in Beijing club is by far the best. It started the lounge trend in Beijing so be prepared to dance all night long at one of the hottest clubs around. The sound and lighting systems here are some of the best in the city, and the best DJs in the city are cranking out tunes 5 nights a week. Theme parties are very popular here, and happen multiple times a month, so don’t miss out if you are in town for one of them!

Babyface beijing  The Boat        

With real estate at a premium in Beijing, these guys flipped that on its head and moved watertop. The Boat is located aboard a refurbished boat which is actually stationed on the Liangma River near Sanlitun Bei Lu. There are two floors on the Boat and each floor has a bar and a dance floor where patrons can enjoy the tunes spun by local and international DJs while they knock back mixed drinks and Qingdaos beers for $5, one of the cheapest drinks you’re likely to find in any club in this crazy city.

The boat beijing


I’m not sure if the irony of the name of this club was intended considering China’s somewhat chequered past but either way this place is awesome. Propaganda is one of the Beijing’s hottest new nightclubs. Two floors are full with the party people in the weekends. Main floor is a great place to have some drinks and meet new friends since it is more like a lounge. Downstairs is the place for crazy dance people. Once you have come inside you will feel like turning it up a notch and kicking into the party mode

Propoganda beijing


This is the place to party hard. The Style of Fashionable decoration makes you feel like in an absolute North American or European nightclub. Like the name, the people are from anywhere. The overlook of Mix is more like “Arena” in L.A., or “Ten15” in San Francisco. Don’t miss this one because it is the best party scene in Beijing. The 2-floor modern design nightclub is equipped with high quality sound system and lighting. Party hard peeps, this place is open late.

Mix BeijingSo next time you swing by Beijing, put on your drinking boots folks, these venues are waiting for you, cocktails primed. Just remember if you’re planning to go super-crazy pick up some  international travel insurance to keep your mum from worrying. Happy travels!


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11 thoughts on “Best 5 nightclubs in Beijing

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  2. These sound like some interesting nightclubs to check out. I love how the World Suzie Wong has a classy design. If I’m ever in Beijing again, I’ll have to stop by one of these places.

  3. Is there a university area in Beijing with a good nightlife also? I like finding the big university areas when I travel because you can always get cheaper food, drinks and enjoy a laid-back nightlife there.

    1. fidel, there’s a place near lama temple with loads of bars that people take their dates, it’s pretty cool 🙂

  4. In the first paragraph, you say “west coast”… it should be “east coast”. There is no west coast in China, at least for now 🙂

  5. Hi Johnny. Nightclubs aren’t usually not my thing, but I wouldn’t mind checking the scene in Beijing! I have added a link to the Travel Bloggers Guide To Beijing i’m developing. Hope you don’t mind?

    Kind regards, Si

  6. I am nowhere was adventurous as you.

    I currently live in Hong Kong and am writing a travel book on Hong Kong so my blog just mainly has a lot of food posts and living in Hong Kong stuff. Let me know if are ever in my neck of the woods. I would be happy to take you off the beaten track.

    I really enjoy your posts about Africa. Please continue posting.

  7. Hi Johnny,

    Just read through most of your blog and have to say that I am super impressed by your open-mindedness when traveling the world. As I am sorta like Monica on Friends, I will just have to live vicariously through you.



    1. hey kelly, it sounds like you’ve got quite an international lifestyle yourself! are you based in NYC now?

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