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Cuba has been opening up more and more over the last decade and there’s never been a better time to grow a Che Guevara style beard (you too ladies) and head over, backpack strapped on your back, and wander around this very awesome country. It doesn’t have to be about resort holidays, and with more and more backpacker style accommodation opening up, it’s not half as expensive as it used to be. Check out 5 reasons why you need to get your ass there asap:


1) Nightlife: With all the amazing, cheap rum (see below) and a huge salsa scene, the nightlife across the country is banging. Cover charges are pretty standard (and  steep) so be ready to pay $10+ for the privilege,   but think of it as an investment for the crazy time you’re about to have. If you’ve ever watched Dirty Dancing, the scene when the girl goes and see everyone grinding together, that’s Cuban nightlife.(not that I’ve ever watched Dirty Dancing of course, a friend told me, ermmm…)

tropicana club cuba

2) The buildings/cars/vibe: If ever a country lived up to it’s expectations for how it’s ‘supposed’ to look, it’s Cuba and Havana in particular. If cool, pastel colours, old people sitting on steps smoking Cuban cigars and mid-twentieth century cars zooming around are your idea of Cuba, then you’re spot on. This place makes you really feel like you’re travelling.

Cuba car

3) Cheap rum and Cuban Cigars: Nothing like perpetuating a stereotype eh?! Whatever, this place rocks for rum and cigars. And any time spent in Havana should include a visit to the cigar factory and rum brewery, an awesome day which will probably knock a few hours off your life expectancy, but it’ll be well worth it, I promise.  Make sure to fill your quota when you leave, at $10 a bottle of good rum and $10 a box of cigars, you’ll wanna be bringing some of that good stuff home.

Cuban cigars
Now THAT is a cigar

4) Island paradise: Off the beaten track is all well and good but sometimes you just need to chill, and Cuba offers plenty of opportunities to do that. Scuba diving, snorkeling and any other watersport you can think of is available here, but you’re competing with the resort holidaymakers so prices aren’t cheap. Steer clear of the hordes and head to Playa Paraíso and Playa Sirena, two of the least-spoiled beaches you can find here.

Playa Sirena Cuba

5) Che: Cliché? Yep. Tacky? Yep. Still pretty cool? For sure. Che Guevara was a major player in the Cuban revolution and is an icon for everyone against ‘the man’ even today. He’s everywhere you turn in Cuba so soak it up and learn all about him (check out his book here).

Che grafiti

5 reasons why you should go backpacking in Cuba, done and dusted. This place is great for travelers, and with prices reducing by the month, you can definitely find cheap holidays in Cuba. There is so much to explore, enjoy. Happy travels!

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  1. Island Paradise and Nightlife is what I love about Cuba. I am heading there hopefully next year and I can’t wait. Thanks for sharing.

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