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Holidays – the word instantly unearths pictures of leisured sunbathing and relaxed strolling around majestic mountain slopes or serene beaches… or maybe not?

Since you already found this article’s title intriguing, holidays probably mean something totally different for you: new experiences, adventure hunt and adrenaline blasts that will instantly strike your everyday routine out of your mind.

Ask adrenaline addicts and they will tell you that the Alps offer adventure hunters an excellent amalgam of impeccable accommodation, imposing scenery and extreme activities.

Excited already? Check out 7 extreme holidays in the Alps that will blast your adrenaline off, brought to you by AlpineElements!

  1. Mountain Climbing

Probably it comes as no surprise that we begin with something relatively “easy”: mountain climbing. The Alps, after all, are just ideal for both experienced mountaineers and amateur climbers with a medial fitness level that still seek the thrill. Several Alpine hotels and resorts have all the necessary infrastructure and facilities and offer their excited yet inexperienced customers instructors that teach them patiently the secrets of safe climbing. Skilled mountain veterans will of course have the chance to pick far more challenging routes and get some genuine thrill in one of the world’s most beautiful slopes and cliffs. Activity packs and special offers are always available.

Want some recommendations? Check out Morzine, Les Gets, Val d’Isère and, of course,  Tignes.

  1. Paragliding/ Parapenting

Opinions vary: are the Alps more captivating when viewed from the ground, or from the air? The only way to find out is simply by trying both!

Paragliding generates a truly unique mixture of bewitching fear, imposing awe and adrenaline rush that is simply addictive. Just take a moment and imagine yourself gliding over Alpine forests, crystal – clear lakes and breathtaking bold cliffs.

Paragliding holidays in Alps are a truly amazing experience not just because of the view; Alpine resorts boast unparalleled experience in smoothly organizing such activities for their customers, providing all the necessary tuition, equipment and guidance.


  1. Hydro Speeding

I am sure you know all about it, but in case you don’t, let me try and draw a vivid mental picture: imagine yourself lying face down on a board with fins attached on your feet streaming down troubled waters engulfed by breakers dashing against rocky river banks. Got the picture?

A pure adrenalin blast, hydro speeding (or river boarding) promises an unforgettable experience that will overwhelm you with excitement and thrills. The Alps are just ideal for this newly discovered extreme sport, with its innumerable river sites appropriate for that of sort of activity. You will easily find resorts offering instruction, information and proper equipment and recommending routes for both newbies and experienced hydro speeders.

  1. Fantasticable Zip Wire

Surely, that will be an unprecedented ride! If you often dream of flying and envy the eagles that master the Alpine valleys, then I have good news for you.

Ideally set at the top of the Chaux Fleurie lift in Chatel – a captivating height of almost 2.000 metres- the fantasticable zip wire is specially designed for people who have already tried almost all other extreme activities and simply thirst for more!


The sliding mechanism is firmly attached to a wire stretching more than 3 kilometres and a little more than 150 metres above the most charming local valley. It will safely rush you through the other side of the valley in a speed that will eventually reach 100km per hour!

  1. Rafting/Kayaking and “River Duckies”

We already mentioned how incredible an experience it is to stream down alpine rivers. While hydro speeding brings you closer to the water, it is reasonably confined in less rough stream routes. Rafting, kayaking and River duckies give you the opportunity to ride much more furious white water rapids and get some genuine excitement while striving to remain afloat.


“Duckies” are less well known, but equally fascinating. An ingenious blend of rafting and kayaking, they are easier to steer and handle and will take you almost anywhere. Most Alpine resorts offer equipment and experienced instructors – with quite reasonable rates.

  1. Water skiing / Wakeboard ing

If you have been to the Alps before or at least are well informed of its outstanding tourist infrastructure, then you already know that despite being one of the most beautiful mountainous areas in Europe, it offers its visitors wonderful opportunities to indulge in their favorite water sports.


Water skiing and Wakeboarding within the stunning Lake Geneva scenery is something you should definitely try, especially if you love this sort of action. Needless to say you have nothing to worry about if you haven’t enjoyed this kind of holiday activity before. Gadgetry and tuition is available at excellent prices.

  1. Canyoning

Last but in no way least in our extreme holidays list in the beautiful Alps is canyoning – or, in other words, hiking, climbing and generally exploring the depths of a river canyon. The fast flowing Alpine rivers that concaved the table lands and slopes for thousands of years have sculptured a magnificent landscape, full of canyons that invite you to discover their deep – hidden charms.


Under the constant guidance of experienced instructors you will have the opportunity to marvel the Alps from a totally different perspective, circled by pools, eddies and inviting cliffs. With canyon routes suitable for both new and veteran canyon enthusiasts, you will be able to enjoy hiking, abseiling, climbing as well as swimming before finally exiting the canyon.

In a nutshell…

Regardless if you already are an adrenaline addict or a promising want-to-be, the Alps are just the place for you. With numerous extreme sports and adventurous activities – much more in fact than the ones presented here – one thing is sure: you will have the time of your life!


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