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The vibrant city of Stockholm is simply packed with interesting attractions and entertainment options. There are plenty of direct flights to Stockholm to choose from and people who take the time to shop around will be able to score some excellent deals right now. Visitors who have a little extra some to spare will also want to check out some of the interesting daytrip destinations that can be found conveniently close to the heart of the city.

Brunnsviken,   Stockholm
Brunnsviken, Stockholm

More than ten thousand islands can be found within easy driving distance of the city of Stockholm, which means that visitors who are looking for interesting daytrip destinations will never run out of options. Many of the most popular islands can be reached by ferry from Stockholm and these islands also provide weekend retreats for people who live in the big city.

The island of Sandhamn is particularly popular with both visitors and residents of Stockholm alike and can be reached in just 90 minutes from the nearby town of Vaxholm. Visitors who are looking for somewhere to simply unwind for a while should also consider taking a daytrip to the peaceful island of Finnhamn.

While the town of Vaxholm serves as the main gateway to a large number of nearby islands, the town also makes a good daytrip destination in its own right. One of the main attractions here is the mighty Vaxholm castle, while visitors will also find a pretty harbour in Vaxholm and plenty of shops, restaurants and other amenities.

Sigtuna is said to be the oldest surviving town in the whole of Sweden and this is a great place to discover local history and culture. many of the ruins here date back more than a thousand years to when Sigtuna was a mining town and the town also features a number of good museums for visitors to explore as well as well-preserved inscriptions.

The thriving spa town of Nynäshamn is the perfect daytrip destination for visitors who want to indulge in a little pampering. In addition to a large number of modern spas, Nynäshamn is also home to the Nynäshamn Folklore Museum, which provides an interesting insight into Swedish folklore.

Birka the Viking Town is situated on the island of Björkö in the heart of Lake Mälaren. As the name suggests, Birka the Viking Town is the remains of an actual Viking community and the local museum contains numerous artifacts and other treasures.

The picturesque bay of Brunnsviken stretches from Norrtul to Frescati and features a stunning walking trail for visitors to follow as well as secluded bays, gardens and cool, clear water. It takes around three hours to complete the walking trail and there are plenty of places to pause for refreshment along the way.

Visitors who enjoy exploring independently can also choose to take the daily steamboat to the charming town of Mariefred. This is one daytrip activity where the journey is just as important as the destination itself as there is plenty of stunning scenery to be enjoyed along the way.



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