A Coastal Adventure: Road Trip from Southern Spain to the Exotic Wonders of Morocco

Logically, Morocco can be reached by plane, but there is the possibility of making a single trip by car. Then, you will have to take the ferry to Morocco, where there are several options, such as: from Algeciras to Ceuta, Algeciras to Tangier Med and Algeciras to Tangier (city). Taking the ferry into account, with the car it is possible to drive from Algeciras to Ceuta and from there take the direction to the Tarajal border

Getting to know Ceuta by car is an interesting option because this part of Spain does not stand out in the tourist guides. It is a good opportunity to visit an area that is not famous, but it is also very beautiful, its beaches are charming, and the climate is pleasant. 

If you decide to make the crossing by car, it is vital that you program the schedule well so that you do not miss the ferry and board without mishaps. The best thing to do in a plan like this is to leave with plenty of time to avoid missing the transfer by sea to Morocco. 

Already in Morocco, what to visit?

Morocco is a country that is full of culture and history, this makes it a destination with many things to see and know. So it can be a bit difficult to generate a complete itinerary. However, there are certain points that you must visit without fail.  


The capital of Morocco was a former World Heritage Site. Now, it is a calm area where the hustle and bustle does not compare to what you can see in Marrakech. Getting to know Rabat is perfect because it is a quiet location that will give you time to do everything. 

On the banks of the Bu Regreg river you can see how the water meets the Atlantic and on the coast there are hundreds of white houses, which makes this landscape unforgettable. There are also many stores with authentic souvenirs that you will only find in Rabat. Much of the handicrafts and food are indigenous to the area, they have not been influenced by globalization. 


It is common to arrive in Tangier by chance because it is one of the busiest and most famous ports in Morocco. At this point coexist the past and the nostalgia of a place that was a center of reference in the 1920s. At that time, Tangier was considered a modern, open and multicultural city. Muslim, Christian and Jewish religions coexisted. 

Now it is like a museum trapped in time, where you can appreciate the influence of the Spaniards who inhabited it until the early sixties. The ideal is to visit the Dar El Mandoub museum, the old Kasbah and have a drink in the 9 April square. Tangier is perfect to spend a sublime time in locations that have no equal.


Not to be left out when visiting Morocco, you could say that it is mandatory to visit the Jemaa el-Fna Square. In this square you can find all kinds of stores and workers, such as: tooth pullers, card readers, snake charmers, trapeze monkeys, preachers and more.

It would be advisable to spend several days in Marrakech to know what is in each of its corners. There are a lot of surprises and night shows that were declared Intangible Heritage of UNESCO.


The medina of Fez is considered the largest in the world and has a unique construction because it works as a great labyrinth, in which it is very easy to get lost. An example of this are the tombs of Benimerines, where the network of streets and alleys seem to have no sense, do not lead to any particular point and are confused with each other.

Morocco and its special beaches

Morocco has more than a thousand kilometers of coastline, it is full of beautiful beaches. The most important thing is that many of them have a unique landscape where palm trees will not be the protagonists. 

Plage de Lagzira (Legzira)

The first thing you will notice is that the sand has an intense golden color, the sea is crystal clear and the waves are peaceful. On the coast, there are several ochre-colored cliffs that merge with the shore of the beach, making Lagzira offers a landscape that can only be seen in this part of Morocco. 

There are eight kilometers of beach where there is a lot of peace because tourists do not usually reach this area. It should be noted that Lagzira’s sunsets have an intense red color typical of this location.

Plage de M’Diq and Plage Martil (Tetouan)

Both beaches are ideal for swimming because the waves are calm and the depth of the sea at the shore is a few centimeters. This is a modern area of Morocco where you will find a hotel network and several shopping centers. 

Near the beaches, there are several towns with an active nightlife. The scenery is beautiful, and the beaches are easily accessible, which is why they are always on the itinerary of most tourists. 

Plage d’Imsouane (Imsouane)

This is the right beach for sports such as surfing. It is located in the small village of Imsouane, 70 kilometers from Agadir. The wind and waves are strong enough to spend some time windsurfing. On the same beach, there are several establishments that offer the necessary equipment for surfing and snorkeling. 

Plage Dalia (Eddalya)

For many, this is the most beautiful beach in Morocco, which makes it a must-see destination. It is in the north of the country, between Tangier and Ceuta, next to the Strait of Gibraltar. The beach has soft sand and crystal clear waters with moderate waves. There you can snorkel or simply sunbathe. 

Plage d’Essaouira (Essaouira)

It belongs to the western part of the Atlantic and is one of the most famous of Morocco, a destination for tourists and those who live at this point. It is also home to the main fishing ports of the country and due to its strong wind you can practice windsurfing and kitesurfing. 

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