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Andalucía is the most southern region of Spain, land of immense beauty filled with history that has seen many civilizations settle in it, as well as some of the riches culture, folklore and gastronomy in the whole country. Its capital Seville is its main exponent.

Spain is such as big country that we can find many different regions and cultures in it. It’s not the same visiting Catalonia and Barcelona than visiting Madrid and its region, or Galicia and its green hills where rain is rife and the countryside blooms beautifully. Also, Andalucía, the most southern region of Spain, is a region that has some of the richest culture in the whole country, as well as being the biggest, and you can tell it’s different and special just by spending a few days in Seville apartments, in its capital, where gastronomy, history and folklore come together in beautiful harmony.

In Seville there are many places to see, restaurants to eat in and lifestyle to sample. For example, its tower of La Giralda is a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO and its cathedral is the largest gothic cathedral and the third largest church in the world. Andalucian gastronomy is excellent, tasty and rich, and anything from bull’s tail to the famous gazpacho is typical from this land. Also, tapas are a way of life here, but not as tourists know it, but rather bar hopping and having beers and some delicious food in the summer night’s breeze of the districts of the Santa Cruz in the city.

things to do in andalucia

Also in Andalucía is Granada, a city just under 3h east of Seville, the home of the Alhambra, what should be one of the wonders of the world, an Arabic palace and castle whose beauty is unparalleled in this country. Its surrounding gardens of the Generalife are also an amazing site, and it would be a crime to visit Andalucía and not visit Granada. The city is also known for its great nightlife and vibrant social scene, great to have a few drinks along the river Darro or a romantic meal in the high part of the city, the Albaicín.

Córdoba used to be the centre of the western Arab empire, the caliphate, where we can find the most beautiful mosques in Spain, where the legacy of this rich culture that dominated the whole Iberian Peninsula hundreds of years ago is still very much present. Not only is the Córdoba Mosque worth seeing but also the many gardens in the city, ideal to spend a summer’s afternoon to relax and walk around them.

things to do in cordoba

Nature also has a big part to play in Andalucía, with the National Park of Doñana, a haven for wildlife and rare Iberian species, that coexist in these unique faunas and beaches and dunes of the southwest Andalucian coast. Also, there are the Sierra Nevada mountains, a great place to ski in winter and sample the pure air in the province of Granada. Also, on the eastern coast there’s the national park of Cabo de Gata, an amazing landscape of sand, dunes, rocks and cliffs that no nature lover should miss if in the province of Almería.

Finally, you can sample amazing Andalucian food in the coast of the province of Huelva, in the southwest of the region bordering Portugal. This is the land of pescaíto frito, deep-fried fish that’s absolutely delicious and most possibly the freshest fish you’ll eat. Also, the town of Jerez de la Frontera, south of Seville, is famous for its sherry (jerez in Spanish) and it’s worth a visit just to sample this traditional southern Spanish spirit. Further south is Cádiz, a vibrant little city that thrives on its architecture, history and gastronomy. Tarifa, the most southern part of Spain, is also known as surfer’s paradise, with amazing waves on its beaches, among the best in Europe.

Andalucía has it all so why not sample the best of it when you rent apartments in Seville, where you’ll have the freedom and comfort that you need to explore the whole region.


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