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We all know that feeling just as you are about to head off on your trip abroad and even as your transport is underway a nagging thought occurs. Have I forgotten something? With me it’s always tickets and passport and I will check and double check several times until I am safely seated on the aircraft. We’ve all arrived to our destination and on unpacking soon realize that we have left or forgotten something important behind. When packing it is vital to make a list and check it off as we load up.

Traveling is very much an open book nowadays and the options available are overwhelming, so the type of holiday, or longer trip, dictates the type of luggage you require and what you pack. For instance if you are going on a family holiday you would need to make sure you have something for the kids to keep them occupied at the airport, especially if you encounter delays. The clothes you pack are essential but have to be practical and in many cases glamorous but you have to bear in mind baggage allowances. You may be taking a cruise where you will need eveningwear, but your other accessories must be practical if one of the excursions is to, let’s say, the Great Pyramids. Conversely your destination could be to the Costa del Sol where the whole day is dedicated to the Sun and for the fashion slaves among us not less than 5 sets of swimwear is the norm as well as your smart evening wear to wine and dine in style.

Remember, whatever type of holiday you are going on, it’s important to stay safe. Electrical Safety First have some handy tips to help keep you safe from electrical dangers when travelling here.

For now I am going to concentrate on backpacking and the five things to bring when you go abroad. Weight is paramount to enjoying a backpacking holiday in as much as you want to avoid any back trouble, especially in a foreign land. Here’s what I think is essential for travelling.


Travel documents, tickets and passport copies along with spare passport photos and any travel itinerary paperwork.


A light waterproof raincoat, preferably with a hood, 5-6 shirts or blouses in breathable cotton, a couple of pairs of shorts and a pair of long pants in case of visits to holy temples/shrines, cotton underwear and socks, strong but light footwear and lastly a smart casual out fit for those special events.


These days we all travel equipped with laptops and mobile telephones so along with all the chargers and other bits you need, secure them in a waterproof compartment of your rucksack and do not forget to bring a waterproof torch. Several types are available on the market these days and they are light and rechargeable. Your torch could become your best friend one night if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Travel adapters should always be in the bag when you’re on the road.


Depending on where in the world you are travelling to, a small but good first aid kit is priceless. Consult your doctor, pharmacist or read up on it in any good travel guide to find out what basics you need


No garish colours needed here for this most important travel accessory, flesh coloured or khaki is best when it comes to this part of your ensemble. A waist version to store your cash and valuables and/or one worn around the neck to carry ready cash without letting all and sundry know what you are carrying. Remember to keep you credit or debit cards separate from your cash.

Well you may prioritise differently from me but just think when you are packing for your trip, that on your list the first 5 things to bring when you go abroad are the most important. Bon Voyage.



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