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Recently my friend was delayed at the airport because of bad weather, they were on their way to Las Vegas and part of the delay was traveling to Philidelphia instead of going there on a direct route, which they had paid for.

Luckily, they were prepared in-case of delays and although this was the first time that they had experienced a serious delay it could happen to anyone, and although it is annoying there are things that you can do that will make your delay more bearable.

In order to help time pass more quickly it’s really important to keep busy to save you from airport boredom, and starting up a conversation with someone looking as bored as you is one way of passing the time, and you never know it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

If that is not your style you could ty checking out the range of duty free shops that are available, and okay not many of us can afford some of the gear on offer, but it’s still fun to window shop.

People watching is great fun, airports are naturally very busy, and if you find time because you have been delayed, watching the hustle and bustle of airport life can be very entertaining. Not only is it fun to watch the people it’s fun to listen to the airport sounds.

Many airports have free Wi-Fi hot spots where you can check out all of your social media sites and moan about how terrible it is that you are stuck in an airport to your friends who happen to been in work.

If you fancy a little excitement then you could play on your favourite online casino like Schmitts Casino where you could find yourself enjoying one of the great online games on offer, and once more you might find yourself on a winning streak which would be pretty special just before a vacation.

Many airports also have a gym where you can work out, and if they Havant simply taking a walk about can stop you for seizing up.

Finding yourself stranded at the airport might not be the best thing it the world but with a little thought it doesn’t not have to be all bad, and after all its only for a limited time that you will be stuck.



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