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Best Caribbean Cruise Vacation Guide

The Caribbean is one of the best places in the world for a cruise vacation. There are so many cruises and you need to choose the best one that fits within your budget and schedule. Every detail of your vacation depends on one choice when it comes to vacationing on a cruise. The itineraries on the cruises may be similar but some still go out of their way to make your vacation memorable. The entertainment and other amenities offered on different ship are different; therefore, you need to find the cruise with the kind of entertainment that resonates with your personality.

Every ship has different Amenities

You may find a deejay playing hit music surrounded by millennial crowds on Carnival Cruises; on the other hand, you may find an explicit buffet of seafood by the pool surrounded by couples with a small band playing music on Crystal Cruises.

The Norwegian Escape

Popular for its Broadway style shows, multi level sports complex and water slides while the Fathom’s Adonia offers Dominican Republic and Cuba cultural films and Spanish language lessons. There are about 20 cruise lines that sail currently in the Caribbean hence your choice is extremely important. The largest cruise ships offer so many amenities but are limited to large ports due to their sizes.

Cruise Ports

Islands in the Caribbean do not all have a cruise port but more ports are developing in exotic locations. Most itineraries offered are Eastern and Western and you have to choose between the two. Bigger ships will get you to ports like San Juan and smaller ships will get you to ports like Nevis. To get stops on private islands you need to go cruise clines like Disney Cruise Line.

Longer or Shorter Cruises

The period of time you should cruise depends on whether you enjoy shorter or longer cruises. Your budget will also influence this decision because the longer the cruise the higher the cost. Most Luxury Caribbean Cruise with Celebrity have itineraries that last for 3-10 nights. If you are hoping for a longer cruise, you should choose itineraries with calls from longer ports.

The Season of your Vacation

Winter is the most popular season for cruising. You will be able to have a good chance for choice from the many ships available. Cruises offer longer trips across the Atlantic during fall and spring. The hurricane season in fall may be a cause for concern but the good thing is that in case of potential storms, ships will go through rerouting procedures to avoid storms.

Shore Excursions

You should see a port on your own or book a shore excursion with your cruise line. Some ports like Bermuda are easily accessible while some are remote require you to get transport on the ground. When you are planning an excursion with a group of friends, it may be costly and crowded and you may not get the experience you envisioned. Going for your own excursion will be more fruitful and you will get to experience island culture.

You should carry travel documents like a passport which as required. Carry bug spray and sunscreen for the part of you trip that you will spend on an island. You should also have a backpack for your belongings and a waterproof bag for your wet clothes. Add proper dinner attire in your clothing like a tuxedo or gown for the traditional Captain dinner. Use these guidelines to find the best cruise for your vacation.



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