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Italy is a country that is known for its food and wine. It is also rich in history and has a vast collection of iconic landmarks and great cities that you should see at least once in your life. For a better experience, you should attend one of its popular festivals, including those that will be briefly mentioned in the rest of this post.

Umbria Jazz

To be held in Perugia from July 7 to 16, Umbria Jazz gathers music lovers not just from the country, but from all over the world. There are multiple venues in the university town, including gardens and piazzas. As one of the most attended jazz festivals in the world, expect to see artists from all over the world. The spectacular line-up and relaxing setting are just some of the reasons why this festival is well-known, even if Perugia is also a host of other equally exciting Italian festivals, like Eurochocolate and International Journalism Festival. Held since 1973, Umbria Jazz has evolved a lot and it features not only jazz music, but also other genres.


Held in Venice, this is one of the most colourful celebrations in the country. Running from February 11 to 28, the busiest days are during the weekends. Grand floats in vibrant colours will adore the streets. Carnival is not only held in Venice, but in other locations throughout the country as well. In Piedmont, the festival finishes with a battle of oranges. Viareggio and Ivrea are other places where you can experience the Carnival.

Rome’s City Birthday Celebration

Every birthday is meant to be a celebration, which is exactly what you can expect in April 21, which is known as the birthday of the city of Rome. There are different activities to commemorate the founding anniversary of the city, which includes mock gladiatorial battles and a ritual that involved trench digging. There is also a costume parade at the end of the day. This 2017, Rome is celebrating its 2, 770th birthday.

Venice Biennale

If you love art, this is the festival that you should see, which happens from May 13 to November 26. This international art exhibition lasts for several months and gathers some of the best names in the industry from all over the globe. There are art and music exhibitions that will be held in several locations. There are also many mansions in Venice that open up to the public, making this festival the perfect opportunity to get inside these grand buildings even without knowing who owns them.

L’ardia di San Constantino

This is an annual horse festival that is held in Sardinia. It is not only a horse race, but also regarded as a religious pilgrimage. It re-enacts the time that Constantine has ended up being victorious in his fight against Maxentius. To be able to play a role in the said festival is considered to be an honour, which is why many people wait for a long time just to be granted the opportunity to participate.

Make the most of your holiday to Italy and explore as much as you can, here are some other ideas of places to visit, and tours you can go on.


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