Golden Gate Bridge San Fran

Traveling on a budget – with a difference

As you well know from my blog, I love to travel and travel cheap! The more money you save, the longer and further you can go; with that in mind I tend to sort everything out myself on the belief that that’s the cheapest way to do and genera...

The premise behind the blog

Having never kept a diary before in my life – under my mother and grand mother’s insistence, I kept a diary of my travels since I left the UK (effectively in 2006 after graduating from Uni). I have always wanted to see the world...
cheap cruises

The (cheap) truth behind cruises

Traveling is undoubtedly awesome but who wants to fly from destination to destination, missing everywhere in-between!? Surely the best mode of transport has to be by boat, it’s certainly my favourite. You get from A to B in comfort, can wal...

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