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Many casino players start their games with a very positive mind-set. They have the self-confidence that they will surely win. Such kind of attitude may be good but when they ultimately become the loser, they get much frustrated. Every casino game is designed in a mathematical way. However, those players, who are much professional, are determined; they know how to manage every situation. Many of these players perhaps use their wits and intelligence to get a huge profit. If you heard about these luckiest casino players, you will possible gain more assurance in your mind.


This player has gained his skills with several practices. He has learned a special technique with the help of which he gets the rolls, needed for the game. LoRiggio once made an association with one of the prominent gamblers, Frank Scoblete. With a controlled way of shooting, these players have been able to earn huge money at a number of casinos. LoRiggio is also engaged with dice shooting. Many people think that dice controlling is very tough. However, this player claims that he has been successful in it by applying some methods.


Eva is one of the Sweden players with a history of big record in the casino world. This female contestant had achieved almost AU$2.48 million in one of the games. While she was asked about her career, she stated that initially online casino was not a preferable game to her in life. Thus, if Eva tried to utilize much of her labor and funds, she might enjoy more popularity as the luckiest casino player.

Elmer Sherwin

This is one of the oldest casino players with a track of becoming winner in slot games. He bagged an attractive cash prize of about five million dollars on the foremost session of Megabucks. Though this jackpot is not the major one, Elmer won another prize with Megabucks.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

He was one of the talented players with the ability to apply some smart tools in order to win casino games. However, the major target of this player was on the slots. He started his career when he was about thirty years old. His gaming technique was good only for small slot machines, but when the bigger ones replace them, Tommy moved towards small-sized gambling rooms. He created some devices that accessed slot machine in order to get coins.

Archie Karas

He is also a recognized casino winner. However, his major interest lies in poker. After some months of his arrival in Vegas, he won seven million dollars, and very soon, he earned seventeen million dollars. Then, he showed some focus on Craps, in which there are more risks of money. However, with high bets, he gained Craps and poker.

Thus, the above players were successful in becoming well-known figures in the history of casino. They are from various countries, and it proves the prevailing culture of gambling in the world. You can visit the next page and start playing after getting inspiration from these luckiest players.


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  2. A casino could be a good way to test your luck. Stories like these give people some fate that you can achieve a huge success just with the power of chance. Sometimes I play online casino for real money USA for this moment I didn’t win big, but I have my own different victories. Of course, you should be responsible for gambling but as for me it is fun and can bring you money.

  3. i like the play casino games,its so interesting,your artile is so strong and interesting,i found it so amazing ,thank you for the advise and sharing your advise..thanks for sharing your post…

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