Packing for Traveling

Packing for traveling can turn out to be quite difficult.  You are so excited to be ditching your job and office but you’re not sure what bring along with you for the adventure. Perhaps its your first time going on a long backpa...
sky diving UK

5 adventure sports to try in UK

Travelling in the UK isn’t just museums and castles I assure you, so are you up for trying something different? Sometimes we just want to break free from the normal journey and one way to do this is to try unusual adventure-packed spo...
kailua beach

Surfing in Hawaii: A Beginner’s Guide

Hawaii is a surfer’s wet dream. It’s golden sand and babe-jammed beaches are pounded by waves of epic proportions all year round and from all directions. There’s no such thing as ‘off-season’ – the...
Belle Epoque

The Belle Époque in Paris

There’s a special aura about Paris. The City of Light has that intangible thing that we feel and makes us realise that this isn’t just any ordinary city. During our stay in Paris apartments we notice that walking out on the stre...
Brunnsviken, Stockholm

8 Ideas for Day Trips from Stockholm

The vibrant city of Stockholm is simply packed with interesting attractions and entertainment options. There are plenty of direct flights to Stockholm to choose from and people who take the time to shop around will be able to score some exc...
ferrari world abu dhabi

Top 5 Best Theme Parks in the World

Watching sports and checking out theme parks in other countries is one of the coolest things to do overseas. From taking a dodgy rollercoaster in Sudan to being on a hand-powered Ferris Wheel in Mumbai, India amusment parks around the world...
Best pubs in ireland

Raise a Glass! A Guide to Ireland’s Best Pubs

  The pub is an important part of the Irish social scene; it is one of the best places for a visitor to put his finger on the pulse of the community. Any Brit will be familiar with the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere of the commun...
Dorsoduro, Venice

A walk around the Dorsoduro in Venice

Venice is a city whose beauty and expensiveness are on a par, and we all know how beautiful Venice is. It’s also a city full of tourists who visit St Marco’s Square, the Ponte Rialto and all the surrounding areas, making it some...

Christmas Markets of Amsterdam

If you’ve ever fancied spending the holidays inside a picturesque Christmas card, head over to Amsterdam for a festive and wintry wonderland. Imagine strolling down the streets browsing gifts in the marketplace, scarf wrapped around...
RHS Hyde Hall

5 things to do in Essex

Essex is getting a lot of press these days thanks to a speit of new TV shows, so i’m here to let people know that Essex isn’t only about peroxide blondes, wide boys and overpriced booze! Essex is a county located northeast of th...

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