Christmas Madrid

Christmas in Madrid – Cortylandia

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and the decorations are an essential part of the Christmas season. Everywhere you look you will see festive lights and on the big public squares big Christmas tree are set up. Apart from the ci...
asia river-cruise

Why Traveling by Sea is Better than Traveling by Air

I used to be a fan of flying. Falling asleep on a plane in one city and waking up in another, halfway around the world. I wanted to get where I was going and get there quickly. But eventually, waking up with a crick in my neck and one of my...
The Palacio Real Madrid

Top 5 Things to Do in Madrid

Warm culture, amazing architecture and sexy Spaniards, Madrid is a city that everyone needs to visit once in their life. Spain’s capital is full of awesome things to seedo, and whether you’re looking for some banging bars or a...
Leprachaun with money

5 Tips on How to Find Cheap Air Fares

Travel costs money, there’s no two ways about it so when it comes to booking flights, you’re gonna want to cut costs at every available opportunity. Have a look at my 5 tips on how to save money when it comes time to book your...
Adriatic golf course

Golfing in Italy? Absolutely!

Golf may not appeal to everyone but if it’s in your blood, then it’s in your blood. There’s no escape, you’re a golfer for life! So when you’re considering a specific holiday for golf, Europe has so much mo...
Cayo Guillermo beach, Cuba

A Backpacking Guide To Cuba

The largest island in the Caribbean and one of the most politically charged countries in the world, Cuba is most famous for Che, rum, cigars and and communism! Cuba has only been open to the modern world since the 90s due to their political...
German Musuem

Europe’s Strangest Museums

One of the biggest appeals about city travelling for leisure is enjoying art and culture. Europe’s cities are full of museums and art galleries that treasure significant art work of all kinds and disciplines. Consequently if you rent...
things to do in Gran Canaria

What to Do in Gran Canaria

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Gran Canaria is one of the most populous islands belonging to the Canary Islands. It has earned the title of “Miniature Continent” due to the different climates, large variety of landscapes, long...
crazy galatasary fans

Backpacking in Turkey

Europe’s gateway to the Middle East or the Middle East’s gateway to Europe, whichever way you look at this fascinating country it’s a sight to behold. Western Turkey has a distinct Balkan flavour and as you move further...

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