camping to france

6 Good Reasons to Go Camping in France

Many people choose camping initially because it is a cheaper way of having a continental holiday.  Most repeat the experience again and again because it is such a special kind of holiday for the whole family. Here are the main reasons...
munich christmas market

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

These days, you don’t need to stray far from home to find your quintessential Christmas Market. There are hundreds scattered across the UK, and the vast majority are more than adequately stocked with European gifts and cuisine for th...
taj mahal india

5 Must-See Sights in India

India is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world because the country is very diverse culturally and in terms of the landmarks, historical sites and recreational areas. The most difficult aspect of visiting India for the fir...
costa del sol beach

The Best Beaches in the Costa Del Sol

Think of warm sand slipping between your toes, perfect sunny weather, over 100 miles of coastline at your disposal, numerous beaches for you to laze on from dawn till sun down, turquoise blue waters and cool salty breeze blowing against you...
Picking up the Pyraminds

4 Exotic Countries to Visit

Traveling to exotic locations is a great way to reward yourself and your family. As you plan your vacation, you will want to consider many different destinations, along with the proper steps for preparation. Sometimes it’s helpful to...

Which is the best city in Italy?

A trip to Italy is a trip that everyone should make at least once in their lifetime, although it’s recommendable to go there quite a few times. The reason behind this recommendation is that you need a good few weeks (and perhaps that...
budapest commons

Why you might never leave Budapest

The Hungarian capital is a city that so full of charms that not only requires a few days of visiting it but also that might leave the arriving traveller with the difficult decision of what to do next. It’s a common occurrence...
Bridge on the River Kwai Thailand

Backpacking in Kanchanaburi

Backpacking in Kanchanaburi NOTE: An updated (2020), more in-depth look into Things to Do in Kanchanaburi is available here! So I finally made it to Kanchanaburi, and what a place it is. It’s about 2 hours from Bangkok and has become...
Trinidad cuba

Top 5 Destinations in Cuba

Cuba – famous for Che, big cigars, cracking rum and package holidays. I’m a big fan of delving deep into the first 3 but package holidays really aren’t my thing. The resorts are strewn across the (very beautiful) Northe...
Honfleur Harbour

Favourite spots in romantic Northern France

As a kid I spent many happy holidays in Northern France, but it was only when I jumped on a ferry to France with my wife decades later that I appreciated just how wonderfully romantic many of its lovely old towns are. Here are some of my fa...

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