Big Ben London

2 day itinerary for London

London town – everybody gets here eventually! When you finally make the journey to England’s capital you’re going to want a set itinerary otherwise you’re budget will be straight out the window, London is pricey so my advice is to get in, l...
The boat beijing

Best 5 nightclubs in Beijing

Backpacking in China is real traveling – difficult language, huge culture shock, crazy foods and general mass confusion so when it all gets a little much for you, find a place to kick back, grab a long-island and forget all the chaos. There...
Monument Valley

Top 5 Things to Do in Arizona

Arizona may be dusty, desolate and difficult to access but if you make the effort to get here, you’ll be rewarded with some of the US’s most amazing natural landscapes. This should be a definite stop if you’re driving across the country....
Overpacked luggage

How To: Traveling with a Guy

The whole “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” thing is a bit overplayed in my estimation.  However, I can’t deny that there are fundamental ways that we’re just wired differently.  Between you and me (and my be...
Black River Gorges National Park Mauritius

Off the Beaten Path in Mauritius

Mauritius is a magical land filled with history, beautiful scenery, and exotic animals.  The people are unique and friendly and share an original history.  Though Mauritius has already been discovered by the hordes of package tourists aroun...

3 Restaurants for Thai and Pinoy Food in Barcelona

Visiting a foreign place it is part of getting to know the culture and in the case of Barcelona one simply can’t leave without having eaten at a great seafood restaurant. I have lived in 3 Barcelona apartments , I made each of them my home...
Partying in Tenerife

Partying in Spain: Island or Mainland?

Spain has more than its fair share of beaches, cities and party hotspots. The difference though between this country and others is that these partying Mecca’s are not found in or around the same place or dominated by one big city or resort....
Sleeping rough

6 Tips on How to Find Cheap Accommodation

The largest expense of your travels if where you’re going to lay your head for each night you’re wandering around the globe, check out these 5 ways of finding dirt-cheap napping spots: 1) Couchsurf! Not such a big secret anymore...
york minster

Backpacking in Yorkshire

Continuing on from Cumbria and the Peak District, I’m going to continue to sing the praises of the English countryside. Next up is Yorkshire, so when you’re backing in England be sure to head over here to check out some of the awesome thing...

Lisbon – a shopper’s paradise?

Lisbon might not be one of the trendiest or busiest shopping cities in Europe, but be sure that you can have an authentic shopping experience there. Hopefully you’re not one of those monothematic shoppers, shoe fetishists who just can’t avo...
Ka'a'awa Valley

A Perfect Day in Paradise – Oahu, Hawaii

With the soft blue waters of Waikiki beach awaiting you and the lush greens of Diamond Head Crater beckoning in the distance, it may seem crazy to even think of prying yourself away from the beautiful city of Honolulu. Oahu, however, has it...

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