Sleeping on a train

Before starting a long trip…

When one decides to start a trip which will take them through dozens of good and bad adventures and which has no returning ticket (yet), the reflection to be made before leaving is important. The reasons that may take someone to engage such...
Golden Gate Bridge San Fran

Traveling on a budget – with a difference

As you well know from my blog, I love to travel and travel cheap! The more money you save, the longer and further you can go; with that in mind I tend to sort everything out myself on the belief that that’s the cheapest way to do and genera...
cheap cruises

The (cheap) truth behind cruises

Traveling is undoubtedly awesome but who wants to fly from destination to destination, missing everywhere in-between!? Surely the best mode of transport has to be by boat, it’s certainly my favourite. You get from A to B in comfort, can wal...

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