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Newlyweds Austin Craig and Beccy Bingham proved a couple of years ago that it is possible to travel the world using nothing other than BitCoin. Craig and Bingham set out their adventure one summer to see if they could survive solely on the virtual currency. An up-and-down adventure, they made it through the 100-day journey solely living on the BitCoin currency.

The couple believed that Berlin, the capital of Germany, boasted the highest density of businesses that accepted BitCoin during their travels which took them across America, Europe and Asia.

Online casinos are quickly becoming familiar with BitCoin. In fact, there are even casinos dedicated to using BitCoin as the only currency they accept. Casinos accept most currencies and now you can even find out where you can use Bitcoin at online casinos through

Felix Weis went one better than Craug and Bingham, starting at the end of 2014, going on an 18-month trip only using BitCoin. Originally from Luxembourg, Weis is a big fan of that he believes is a “world currency” – a currency you can use anywhere, regardless which country or continent you are in.

As of July, Felix Weis has travelled to 27 countries and 50 cities, spending only BitCoin. His three rules are:

  • No banks. And that meant no Western Union, no money exchanges, no converting USD to euros, no euros to yen.
  • Bitcoin first. He had to use Bitcoin whenever possible.
  • Cash only for bitcoin. Recognizing that there would be times when he would need local currency, he allowed himself to do peer-to-peer exchanges of bitcoin for cash. And that led to some fun adventures.

Mr Weis has managed a successful round-the-world trip despite BitCoin’s value sharply dropping at times. The currency has a reputation among many are the currency of choice for criminals following stories that have hit the headlines. Though its technology has actually been embraced by the likes of Goldman Sachs, Nasdaq and Visa.

One less conventional way to use BitCoin comes from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Barbershop – a place to both hang out and grab a beer or get a haircut or a shave. And what currency do they accept? Yes, that’s right, BitCoin!

Will BitCoin ever take off? With more and more casinos, hotels and travel agencies using it, it may only be a matter of time before the currency is widely-accepted and perhaps one day we shall all be using it.


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