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The ethnic Turkish cuisine, ancient culture, beautiful sunshine and other activities contribute to Turkey being a holiday hotspot for tourists from all over the planet. Vacations in Dalaman, Turkey are gaining popularity with tourists as it is a quiet region where goers can explore ruins, enormous nature parks and prisine beaches. So what should you do during your stay in Dalaman?

Answer: Get muddy and get trekking.

dalaman turkey

The Mudbaths of Dalyan in Dalaman (tongue twister, I know) are now becoming a world-renowned tourist attraction. So find some cheap Dalaman flights, enjoy your time in Turkey relaxing and looking funny while soaking in sulfur-rich baths. The rejuvenating mud baths are close to the connecting Köyceğiz Lake and Delta of Dalyan.


These baths are said to relieve symptoms for people with skin related issues. Some have even said that a mud bath in Dalyan has left them looking much younger and revived when they walked away. But, even though those perks have me aching to go, for the greater part, most people that indulge themselves in the muddy waters do it for the fun of looking like a mud creature and for the weird sensation that occurs as the rather smelly mud dries and cracks off their bodes.


Trekking-wise, walking part of the Lycian Way is a great way to see the untouched aspects of the region. The scenery between Fethiye and Antalya is beautiful and for much of the walk, the only other people you are likely to encounter will be the congenial farmers who tend to their crops or the goat hearders as they walk to the pastures every day.


Sounds like fun, huh?



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