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Escaping Winter? Here’s Where You Should Go

The first day of fall might cheer some up – not kids, that’s for sure since it usually means “back to school” – especially since the start of the ski season is near. But there are many who not only don’t enjoy the wonders of winter but they would do whatever they can to escape them. Ideally, you can spend half a year in the Northern Hemisphere and the other half Down Under, so that you don’t need to experience winter at all – this might work for billionaires and digital nomads but is impracticable for most others. So, what remains is a temporary escape from snow and cold weather by spending a vacation in places where summer is always on the menu. Like the ones below.

North Africa

If you are not a fan of torrid weather but you don’t enjoy winter either, North Africa is the perfect destination for you. No matter if you volunteer, win your dream safari getaway or fund your vacation yourself, you will likely enjoy spending late fall in Tunisia, for example, as one of the most popular North African tourist destination. In the fall, the weather is mild and humid in this area, triggering the growth of vegetation and bringing animals out in the open.

North African destinations are usually the most crowded during the summer, and far less congested in the spring and in the fall. Winter is not the best time to be here, as it is humid and cool, making a trip an unpleasant one this time of the year.

South Africa

The best time to visit South Africa would be between October and January – especially because it’s summer there. It is also a popular tourist destination, so expect good infrastructure, many attractions, and varied lodging and dining options to be available. The country has it all for its visitors, from history-filled urban landscapes to national reserves with safaris where visitors are surrounded by all the iconic members of the African fauna, and there is something for everyone from campers to luxury travelers.


As I said above, the summer has just started in the Southern Hemisphere. So, this is the best time to plan a trip Down Under. For those who are not fans of the winter wonderland, spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve on the beach might be a great way to escape.

If you plan to visit Australia during the holiday season, make sure to visit Sydney on New Year’s Eve – the city always organizes some of the most spectacular fireworks shows to celebrate the passing of the Old Year and the start of the new one, and there are few things better than experiencing it on a hilltop next to the Opera House with a bottle of chilled champagne on the side.


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