Many gaming fans don’t know the fact that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is currently accessible for users of all Android and iOS gadgets. What this means is that you can find this popular game on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. Final Fantasy VIII was first introduced on February 11th, 1999. It is an old game that emerged before some of its fans were born. It is estimated that so far, 9.6 million units of the game have been sold to customers from all over the world. Now those who prefer to play the original Final Fantasy VIII on their Smartphones will do so. The reinvented game, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, is much better, and most people will love it. Another thing to note is that you will not incur extra charges when downloading once you purchase the application from Google Play or Apple Store. 

The Update Overview

Those who already know Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and are looking forward to playing it should purchase it on Google Play Store or Apple Store, where it is priced at $20.99. Before 4th April 2021, the price for Americans was $16.99. If you are going to buy from Canada, then the price will be $23.99. The U.S buyer has received a discount while the Canadian one has missed it. Soon after buying yours, you will have the best gaming experience. The game’s theme, storyline, and all the new features are user-friendly and top-notch, just like the newest slot machines. The updated smartphone version of the game boasts better visuals than the original version did. What more can a gamer ask for?

Background Information 

As aforementioned, the aboriginal Final Fantasy VIII game was released in February 1999 in North America. That version was designed for Sony’s PlayStation. Exactly 20 years later, in September 2019, a renewed version of the game was launched. The 2019 Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was designed for Personal Computer (PC) users as well as those using the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4. Now in 2021, the revamped game version has been made available to Smartphone users. If you like to travel or are an outdoor person and have already checked out all the new slots at vulkanbet, you can take your experiences outside by enjoying the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on your smartphone. Wait, if you want to get a PC version, it is ready for you on Steam.  

What Should be Expected of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered? 

As you can already figure out, this Smartphone game version has features that will allow proper loading of the game and flawless gameplay. You know by now that the Remaster version is a revamp of the Final Fantasy VIII for PC. Without further ado, we will discuss different things about this version, including the storyline and features. 

1. The storyline

The plot is straightforward but intriguing. There is war everywhere. Using the strong influence of the Sorceress Edea, the Republic of Galbadia organises its brave warriors and rallies them to go against other countries. So, Squall and some members of an influential mercenary force called SeeD unite with Rinoa. This is a resistance fighter who cooperates with Squall to reject Galbadia’s tyrannical rule. They also want to stop Edea from doing her sorcery.  

2. Key features

The mobile phone game has awesome features that you will come across when you decide to play this game. They include: 

  • Guardian Force – The G.F feature refers to summoned creatures that are meant to protect different characters. If you allow these to run free during a battle, they will come out and show their might and power. With this force, a Final Fantasy VIII Remastered player will have greater control of how they approach to war. 
  • Drawing – The player will have the ability to extract magic in Final Fantasy VIII by the use of Drawing. They will then release the magic they have gathered instantly or keep it for later retrieval. 
  • Junction – This feature is formed in a way that allows the player to equip Guardian Force. They can also use it to give stored magic to characters who beg to increase their energy and power. 
  • Battle Assist – This one will let you enable Limit Breaks when you please and reach your HP and ATB gauge during battle.
  • 3X Speed – You can use the 3x Speed when playing every other game scene except some cutscenes. 
  • No Encounters – You can switch on or off your Battle Encounters. 

If you want to watch a demo of this game to understand how it works, you should do it online. It is already available. 

Other Things About Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

It is good to note that Final Fantasy VIII was a new product all together. It did not continue from where the Final Fantasy VII ended, and most fans did not appreciate that. It is because they were fond of playing Final Fantasy VII, and when it ended, they were left suspended. The expectation was that the new Final Fantasy VIII, released in 1999, would be a continuation, but it was not. After 20 long years, the developer decided to revisit the Final Fantasy series by remastering the original game. Since 2019, people have received the game with admiration. 

Its popularity is expected to increase further after the recent development that has allowed a mobile device owner to also enjoy the game. Perhaps fans who had remained loyal until 2019 did not appreciate the fact that the release was a surprise. It should have been a celebrated 20th anniversary, but Square Enix, the developer, did not bother. The fans may have expected Square Enix to celebrate the anniversary on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other related social media pages. On top of the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered source code may not exist, similar to source codes for other remastered games from Square Enix. 

Final Fantasy VIII that was first officially presented in 1999 and remastered in 2019, now has a version for smartphones. If you like playing mobile-based video games at school, in the park, or elsewhere, now you can add Final Fantasy VIII Remastered to your arsenal. As you have noted, the game has new exciting features that you should experience. What’s more, it’s designed for a mobile user and will run smoothly on either iOS or Android-based devices.

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