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Girls Trip Ideas You May Not Have Thought of  

When you think of an all-girls trip, chances are you think of things like sleepovers and spa retreats. Though getting pampered and staying up all night with your friends can be a great pastime for women, many of them are starting to step outside of the box and explore other things. Women too want to be adventurous, spontaneous and have a fun-filled weekend. If you’re looking to switch things up with your girls this year, here are some ways you may not have thought of to let your hair down and have fun.


Take a Fishing Trip

Though most would equate a fishing trip to something the guys would do, it really is a fun way to unwind and enjoy nature with your friends. You can switch things up to make them your own. Instead of buying a six pack of beer, grab some wine coolers, fresh fruit, and sandwiches and set out for sea. Even if you don’t catch any fish, you’ll have a blast chatting, listening to music, and just floating on the open water.


Go Surfing

If you love the beach and being out in the water, instead of sitting on the sand trying to get a tan, hit the ocean to try and catch some waves. A yoga and surf retreat could be right up your alley. Spend your mornings in a relaxing and serene environment like the beaches of Costa Rica learning the art of yoga, and the afternoon shredding up waves and having a blast.


Take a Hike

Hiking is not only a great way to shed some extra weight, it’s also therapeutic and adventurous. Exploring beautiful outdoors, reaching goals, and climbing new heights is a rush like no other. Find a destination with nice parks and hiking trails and make a weekend of it. You can take your hiking international and explore destinations like Italy, New Zealand, and Australia.


Go Skiing

If you’re not afraid to vacation in the cold and would love some adventure, skiing could be a lot of fun for you and your friends. Rent a cabin for the weekend, grab your ski gear, and head up to the mountains. There’s a ton of fun to be had to learn how to ride the slopes. At night, you can enjoy the comfort of a warm and cozy fire, some hot cocoa (or spiked drinks if you’d prefer), and the companionship of your friends.


Party Hard

The guys aren’t the only ones who can go out and paint the town red. If you’re more of the partying type, why not plan a girl’s getaway centered around the best nightlife in the country? Hot spots like Las Vegas, New York, and New Orleans, you and your girls can party hard all night and sleep it off during the day.

Your girls trip doesn’t have to be filled with massages, manicures, and suntans. Every now and then you can switch things up with your friends by taking an adventure trip. Each of the above-mentioned ideas allows you to get away from home with your girls while having a fun-filled adventurous time.


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