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Golf may not appeal to everyone but if it’s in your blood, then it’s in your blood. There’s no escape, you’re a golfer for life! So when you’re considering a specific holiday for golf, Europe has so much more to offer than most players imagine and southern Italy has the weather and the courses to match anything that Spain or Portugal can provide. Naples in particular is a great city for holiday golfers and if you’re thinking of playing some golf in Naples, there are plenty of beautiful courses waiting to greet you.


the Riva dei Tessali
Golf in Italy brings awesome course and amazing views

The first thing to consider is the ease with which you can get into the city. Naples is served by its own international airport with connections to major terminals across the world as well as regular flights to Rome and other Italian destinations if you need to find a connecting flight. As a whole, this is a great tourist destination with much to see and do when you aren’t on the course.

A fine tourist location is all very well but what of the golf itself? Napoli Golf Club is a good place to start your holiday and you will find the course some six miles outside of the city centre. The Napoli is immaculately looked after and this fine parkland course is the choice of locals and holidaymakers alike. Its clubhouse and dining facilities are also worth making use of at the end of your round. Like most courses in Italy and, with regards to golf Europe as a whole, the Napoli course requires advance booking and a handicap certificate before you can play.


Naples Italy
Naples, Italy

There are many nine hole course in Naples and in Italy as a whole and while some golfers tend to steer clear of these, the courses in the area are professional and of the highest standard. Porto D’Orra golf Club, just outside the main city is a fine example of this. Porto D’Orra is a first class course with nine holes of superb quality. Each has its own challenge and while you can play the course twice to make up your eighteen holes, a nine hole course has the benefit of letting you settle in and shake off the golfing rust when you arrive.

Other fine courses in Naples include the Adriatic, the Bologna, the Riva dei Tessali and the Croara. Each comes highly recommended by those that have played there and they all have different challenges. What unites all the course in Naples however is the fact that they are immaculate and can be played on all year round in any conditions. Overall, golf offers perfect playing surfaces throughout the calendar.


Adriatic golf course
Adriatic golf course

While Naples itself may not have the abundance of courses that other parts of Europe can boast, they are all of the highest standard. If you play golf Europe will offer some popular locations but they can also be extremely crowded and rounds can take in excess of six hours in some parts. Italy isn’t like that at all and you can enjoy some beautiful courses without the queues on the tee.

Italy as a whole is a great country to visit and its courses are fine examples. In Naples, each centre of golf offers superb facilities with perfectly maintained courses and even the dining facilities display the pride that the country puts into its cuisine. For holidays in Europe, golf in Naples is hard to beat.





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