Great ways to kill time at the airport

Flight delayed? Need to kill some time? Don’t worry! It happens to us all. There is nothing more upsetting than being stuck in an airport with nothing to do. Things get even worse if you are going through some post-travel blues. Luckily, waiting at the airport doesn’t need to be that boring. We have some clever time-killing tips that can turn hours of boredom into unlimited fun. 

SVO airport lounge
Airport lounge is the ultimate hack

People watching  

Instead of being engrossed in your phone, go for a stroll. Airports are always filled with plenty of people passing through each day. You can quickly kill time watching the people around you. From the emotional send-offs at the departure gate to the happy reunions at the arrivals, there is a lot to watch. Have fun making up stories in your head about these travelers. Think like a detective and see how much you can figure out about them. Just make sure not to disturb or cause problems to anyone. Also, keep a safe distance away from people due to the recent pandemic. 

Playing online casino games 

One of the best things to do is play games on your devices when trying to kill time at an airport. You can either spend time playing video games or casino games when stuck at the airport. Today, the idea of playing games on one’s smartphone has been normalised. This does not solely refer to video games of course, as nowadays casino games can also be played from one’s phone. For example, Platin online casino offers a variety of casino games one can enjoy. Online Casinos today also offer several sports-themed or movie-themed casino games which cater the interests of specific audiences. This allows certain players to be more interested, excited, and engaged with the casino game at hand. 


Everyone knows that airplane food is not that great. However, airports have much-improved choices when it comes to cafes and restaurants. They have adapted over the years to bring passengers some great varieties of cuisine.  

While you have many options to choose from, nothing beats the food from the first-class lounge. They are not just for first-class travelers anymore. You can spend some money and buy a pass for the lounge to enjoy unlimited drinks and delicious buffets. You will also get to use those fancy, comfy seats as well. Check out my priority pass review how I get access to these lounges even when I fly economy! Same goes for working out how airmiles work.

Treat yourself to a good meal before you board. You will also get to taste some of the best regional cuisines. 

Binge-watch a show 

Binging a good TV show is the best thing to do if you are looking to kill time. Hop on to your streaming service and start watching a new episode of your favorite show on Netflix. Most airports have free WiFi. However, some restrict it to just half an hour. You will also have to submit your name and email as well. For your cyber security, it is better to use a secondary email for this than your main one. Most streaming services allow users to download content in their app for future offline use. You can use this feature to pre-download all the episodes to your laptop or mobile before you go to the airport. 

If you don’t feel like watching a show, you can also use the time to finish that book you always wanted to read or catch up on some of the latest videos by some of your favorite YouTube vloggers.


Most airports these days are glorified shopping malls. If everything else fails, then try browsing the shops around the airport. Buy clothes, a magazine to read, snacks, or a souvenir for your dear ones. Unfortunately, shopping there is not for everyone. Even if it’s duty-free, it can become expensive. For those, who are traveling on a budget, you will have to try window-shopping instead. It’s free and fun! All you have to do is explore the various shops in the airport and instead of buying, you can make a mental note of the things you like. 

Take a day-trip  

If the layover is really long, then it is best to skip the airport experience altogether and take a trip around the city. Most major airports have train services directly from the airport and you can use the facility to explore the city for a little while. Visit the park, a famous museum, or a nearby shopping mall. If you have friends living in the city, then you can catch up with them too. Plan accordingly based on the time you have. 

Get some sleep  

It is okay to feel like doing nothing. Layovers are the best time to catch up on your sleep or decompress from a long flight. Take a power nap and recharge your batteries. Airports are comfortable places to take a good sleep. Find a spot where fewer people walk by, use your bags as a headrest if you don’t have any, set your alarm, and rest. Make sure that you are not taking up too many seats. 

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