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How to Get European Flight Delay Compensation?

If your flight has been delayed or canceled, you have the right to get compensation under the European law. As per the EU Regulation 261/2004, passengers are well within the right to receive compensation up to Euro 600. While for canceled flights, passengers have the right to take an alternative flight with the same airline to the destination or cancel the flight and acquire full refunds. However, airlines don’t always need to pay their passengers if the delay is caused by extraordinary situations like crew strikes or bad weather. In this article, we have highlighted in detail as to how to get European flight delay compensation.

Be Aware of Your Rights 

If the flight has been canceled or heavily delayed, then airlines need to compensate their passengers. Moreover, passengers also have the right to get meals, refreshments, and hotel accommodation while they wait for the airlines to rearrange the flight. There are no financial or time limits on the provision, but if you don’t receive the assistance, make sure you limit your spending and keep all receipts

The Compensation Associated with Delayed Flights 

Under European law, the compensation on delayed or canceled flights entirely depends on the flight booked and the time duration the flight has been delayed. According to the current law, the flight must have taken off from the European airport, and it could be of any airline. Another scenario is that the flight should be coming to the EU airport, and it should be an EU-based airline.

EU airports include nations like Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Moreover, the flight must be a minimum of three hours late for arrival at the destination in order for the passengers to be eligible for the compensation. The compensation starts from Euro 250 if you have booked a flight of less than 1,500 km and delayed for three hours. The compensation amount would go up to Euro 600 if the flight travels the distance of over 3,500 km between an EU and non-EU airport and delayed for at least four hours. 

How to Get European Flight Delay Compensation for Delay?

To get compensation for a delayed flight, you need to get in touch with the airline through mail and request compensation. When writing the mail, ensure to include the name, flight number, reason for delay, and time duration of the delay. 

If the airline denies your claim, even when it is valid, don’t just give up and look for help elsewhere. Contact a consumer protection agency or claim agency like Refundor.


Claiming compensation for canceled flight 

If your flight has been canceled, you should be booked with an alternate flight with the airline and taken to the destination either of the same day or even the day after. The airline should also offer you a room to stay in. And, if it is unable to book another flight, you should get a refund to book another flight. 

If the above options are not provided, then you should be provided the option to book a flight with a different airline. If you pay for booking a different flight, then you should be able to get the additional money back as well. 

If you were given cancellation notice 14 days before the flight, then you will only have the right to get a new flight or refund for the original flight. However, if that is not the case, then you are liable to get compensation along with an alternative flight or refund. 

You can only claim for flight cancellation compensation when the cancellation has been caused by something avoidable. If it’s caused by unavoidable reasons, such as extreme weather conditions or crew strikes, you will not be able to receive compensation.

What if the Airline Turns Down the Claim?

Airlines don’t accept every claim—especially the ones related to flight disruptions caused by extraordinary circumstances. But even in those circumstances the airline still holds the responsibility to provide its passengers with the duty of care.

In case they turn your claim down due to extraordinary circumstances, then you challenge its validity. You can request an explanation as behind their claim ejection and even take it with Civil Aviation Authority; if the explanation is not satisfactory. 

The challenge in such a situation is that regulations don’t give clear definitions with regards to what extraordinary situations are. So often, airline companies tend to break free from paying compensation stating things like technical issues with the airplane as extraordinary situations.

The law states that the obligations of the airline are limited in situations where an incident has been caused due to extraordinary circumstances, which could not have been avoided even with the right measures. Such circumstances popularly include meteorological conditions, political instability, unexpected flight safety issues, security risks, strikes, etc. 

Time Limit of Claiming Flight Delay Compensation

There is no determined time limit associated with these claims as it is decided by laws governed by particular EU nations. For instance, in the United Kingdom, the statute of limitations for this claim stands at six years. 

When making a claim, you need receipts and expense proofs. The expenses that you show to the airlines should be reasonable. For instance, the meals you order should be standard, and the hotel you stayed during the flight delay or cancellation should be normal. You cannot live it large and expect the airline to pay you more. In a majority of situations, the airline will try to wiggle out of the situation and try to deny your claim. So, you need to be prepared for that and be ready to take your case up with the county court.

If you are taking the case up with the court, it is important that you hire a professional and skilled attorney to represent you. Fighting against big airline conglomerates can get complicated; therefore, you need the expertise of the professionals to present your case and get you the compensation for your loss of time and money.

Save your time and nerves, contact a claim agency like Refundor, and they will do it on your behalf.


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