How to Keep Rested During Travel

Many upsides come with traveling. Not only do you get to see things you’d only witness on TV or in books, but you also step outside your comfort zone and try experiences you have yet to take part in to date. Traveling also can be very exhausting with time zone changes, layovers, and busy itineraries. You may very well feel like you need a vacation to recover from the vacation you just took. The following suggestions provide you with ways to remain rested during the busiest legs of travel.

Research where you are staying

If you’re planning on staying at multiple hotels while you are traveling you should ask what type of mattresses they are using. Sometimes mentioning you have back issues and need a comfortable mattress they will upgrade you for free. If you get one amazing night’s sleep while you’re traveling it can change the whole experience.

Stop Drinking So Much Caffeine

So many people rely on coffee and caffeinated drinks to get them through the day. The problem with the substance is that it works too well. You can’t sleep well after gulping down a cup of joe or can of Coke. It’s also very dehydrating, which can make your jet lag even worse. Skip the caffeine or limit your consumption of it by refraining from drinking coffee, tea, or soda at least ten hours before bed. Water is always your best option because being even slightly dehydrated can cause cognitive decline.

Exercise Earlier in the Day

Exercise raises your core body temperature, making it harder for you to fall asleep. If you plan on doing any type of strenuous physical activity, do it earlier in the day. It makes it much easier for you to get the shuteye that your body requires when you do. Early morning runs and yoga can boost your serotonin levels, making each minute of your travels more enjoyable. It’s also a lot of fun to exercise in a new location because of the novelty of it. You can combine sightseeing with physical activity so that you’re able to benefit from both at once.

Create a Homelike Oasis Wherever You Go

Good sleep hygiene involves routine. That means that you should mimic the one you have at home as much as possible when you’re on a trip. By creating the most comfortable sleep environment, you can use your pillows, cozy blankets, and fuzzy socks, you’re able to rest soundly and without interruption no matter where you go. That means that you have a better chance of waking up filled with enthusiasm. Your brain won’t think that things are much different because your body relaxes fully when it comes into contact with your favorite pillow and super soft blanket.

Turn Your Phone on Airplane Mode at Night

The blue light coming from mobile devices disrupts sleep patterns, causing you to be sleep deficient. It’s important that you do your part to keep your phone and tablet from taking over your time in bed. You can easily turn it onto airplane mode for the evening and still receive phone calls and messages without them ruining your rest. It’s a good habit to get into even when you’re not traveling. Stop letting technology rule your every action by making the place you sleep a phone and tablet-free zone. Enforce the same rule for everyone in the family so that no one is tired and cranky in the morning.

Feel Prepared for Those Time Zone Changes

You can use the week leading up to your trip to adjust your sleep routine to meet the differences in the time zone you’re traveling to soon. You can start going to bed and rising earlier. If you condition your body to relax by a specific time of night, you won’t experience terrible jet lag and insomnia while you travel. Instead, you’ll feel like you got plenty of restful slumber, which makes you feel ready to sightsee and experience fun adventures throughout the day. You won’t feel at a loss on what to do next because you’ll know how important it was for you to take care of your sleep needs before driving or flying to another time zone.

The five tips listed here will have you sleeping like a baby throughout your travels. The biggest thing to remember is to plan as much in advance as possible to feel mentally and physically prepared for traveling. Creating an atmosphere and routine that is as close to what you experience at home ensures that you’ll get more restful slumber. It’s also important to set boundaries where work is concerned.

Learning to say no to obligations outside your normal work schedule is imperative to your health and well-being. It gives you a chance to catch your breath, relax, and recover, so you’re ready to go back to your normal lifestyle easily. You better understand what it takes to get the job done right after traveling and relaxing the true meaning of relaxation. Surrendering to the peace and tranquility that being away from your normal routine provides is an excellent way to recharge your batteries once and for all.

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