How to start live for a full while studying at university

For many, student life is golden, the happiest period in a life filled with great memories. People like to remember events from their youth, and times they were full of joy and happiness, with ambitious dreams, amazing ideas, big plans to achieve important goals and change the world for the better.

Indeed, student life is probably one of the few most important lifetime periods for many. However, the truth is that this experience is far from all sunshine and roses. University life is actually rather complicated, challenging, and even difficult at times. This is why is so important for students to find the right balance, take as much as they can from these years, and enjoy the ride.

How hard it is to be a student

Truthfully, it can be pretty hard. First of all, it’s probably the first time students are going away from their home and families, for a longer time, to become fully responsible for everything they do. They are excited, as it looks like a great adventure, but it can also be frightening and a bit scary to suddenly face so many new things and changes. Then, there are university responsibilities, attending lectures and seminars, preparations for classes, meetings, consultations and other additional activities, various research assignments, book reading, essay writing, regular studying, and of course taking exams. Besides all that, they have to take care of their finances and housing issues, health, eat, sleep, and exercise regularly, and stay motivated and positive. Even with the schedule fully packed, some students have to work part-time to fill the holes in the always problematic student budget. 

However, students are not alone in this and if the support system is well organized, it’ll be easier for them to cope with all these aspects. Professors, tutors, and university counseling services are there to give them different educational tools and tips to overcome the obstacles. Study groups, colleagues, and various professional services can be of great help and provide additional assistance and insights. British students prefer trusted services with competent, experienced, and supportive tutors and writers, who can show them how to conduct the research or use the information for high-quality assignment papers writing. With this kind of assistance, students can organize their schedules better and find time to live full, live well and experience the best time possible.

Tips for well-balanced university life

Learning some of these tips will not only be helpful for university life but can also be quite useful for career, parenting, and other life activities.

Time management

First, and probably the most important lesson is to learn how to manage and use time most efficiently. Throughout their studies, some students become so skillful that they even find the time to pursue their hobbies such as acting or playing instruments, learning foreign languages, or traveling. The key is to learn how to prioritize, make the schedule table and stick to it firmly. It’s a process, so at the beginning, it’ll be a struggle. With time, it’ll become one very practical and powerful life lasting routine.

Most effective ways to study

When is the best and most productive time to study: early in the morning or late in the evening? Can a study session last 30 minutes or it has to be at least a few hours, without a break? The best way to find out what works and what doesn’t is to try. Actually, any time and period are good, if there is a will for it. Another useful tip for studying and writing, especially if a student feels overwhelmed, is to join the study groups or use the professional Writix assistance. Sometimes, even with the best organization, the time runs out or writing is just not going the way it should. There are professionals who know how to do it, and for some people, it’s much easier to learn from good examples.

Health comes first

This is an excellent example of universal truth. Without remote digital nomad health insurance, students are not able to function, fulfill their duties and work on their education. Sleeping well, healthy eating habits, outdoor activities, socializing, feeling happy and contented are needs that should find the place among the most important priorities. Dealing with numerous problems can be extremely overwhelming and asking for help is the first thing to do, before it becomes more serious.

Free time evaluation

According to some scientific studies, students spend most of their free time socializing, reading, and leisure. As far as physical activities are concerned, although listed among the most favorite, unfortunately not many hours were spent on these. The study concludes that students should work more on their eudaimonic motivation, meaning initiate actions toward personal excellence specific for a particular person, and go easy with hedonic pursuits also known as clubbing, partying, or hedonistic pleasures.

Removing the distractions

Surprisingly enough, every cellphone has a turn-off option, or it can be switched to airplane mode. When it is study time, even the smallest distraction such as text or notification from the social platform can ruin the whole study session. Or, in other words: “when it’s time to study, study hard”. The same goes for relaxing and all other activities.  


Students are young people who want to have a good education, a great career, and to live a successful and fulfilling life. But, they also need to explore, travel, learn to blog, and experience new things. It’s not easy to always balance with these goals, but it’s possible to learn how. Same as with everything else in life, with some commitment, discipline, and dedication the learning process can be extremely beneficial and very entertaining. The bottom line, balance in life is the key to everything.

Author bio:

James Collins is a freelance content writer with experience in academic and marketing writing. His work is based on deep research and applicable pieces of advice. As a writer, James seeks to deliver relevant and most recent information.

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