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A luxury trip to Las Vegas is more affordable than you might think if you plan it out well. There are many fun and glamorous things to do in Las Vegas that are free or cheap. For example, there are the famous water fountain shows at the Bellagio, which cost nothing. Here are a few tips for experiencing a luxury vacation on a budget.


Take a walking tour

If you are up for it, there is a lot to see just walking around the city. Colorful lights and displays as well as friendly locals make it a fun place to explore. With a smartphone, it is easy to look up information on the move and to find the best places to have a drink or get some award-winning food. A walking tour gives you the chance to truly take in Las Vegas without any distractions. If you get tired, there are many taxi services and buses to help. With many guests sticking to just the Vegas Strip, all too many walk away without seeing many of the sights and sounds of the city.


Explore the cuisin

Las Vegas offers cuisines from all over the world as well as eclectic fusions of several cuisines. Sampling food that you have never had before is a fun part of any luxury vacation. Eating out in Vegas is extremely economical for the quality of food offered. You might want to take in some live music and a meal at one of the many smaller music halls and attractions.


Plan in advance

Many hotels and resorts offer discounts when you book in advance and travel during non-peak times. This means you won’t have to deal with as many people at attractions as well. If possible, plan at least a few months in advance, then you will get the best rates. Many of the best hotels on the Strip take part in these off-season specials. Check out Stephen Wynn’s Golden Nugget, Wynn Vegas, the Bellagio, and the Mirage for the ultimate in luxury Las Vegas accommodations. Stephen helped revitalize the Vegas Strip through his philosophy that everyone should be able to experience the best Vegas has to offer. More Stephen Wynn news can be found at the Wall Street Journal. His hotels offer only the best entertainment, food, and other services for their valued guests.


Check out package deals

Some travel agencies, hotels, etc., offer package deals that can offer you a lot of entertainment and accommodation for a low price. This can also help take some of the stress out of planning some aspects of your trip.


Mix it up

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t splash out a little bit. Pick one or two activities that are more costly and then round out your trip with others that are less expensive. For example, there is the famous Cirque Du Soleil at the Bellagio. Watching world-class gymnasts perform complex acrobatics to a beautiful storyline is certainly an experience to remember. If the circus is not to your taste, then you might consider a Hoover Dam Hummer Tour or the chance to experience getting behind the wheel of some of today’s most popular sports cars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Las Vegas is close to a lot of beautiful natural sites. If you feel like going on an excursion for the day, you could book an educating and entertaining guided tour of the Grand Canyon. Taking in the spectacular views is a wonderful way to spend part of your day.



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