Have you been assigned to write a travel essay? Or do you have to write it for your blog? Not sure how to craft one that leaves an impression? If you’re nodding your head in yes, you’re at the right place. Here, alongside a potential paper helper, are some tips to help you craft a perfect travel essay.

Select Your Favorite City

When you’re assigned to write a travel essay, choosing the right destination is important. Some places may not sound as good as they look. So, it is crucial to choose a city or a place that interests you the most. Think about all the interesting experiences, people, food, and sights. If writing about this place excites you, it certainly needs to be on paper. But, if nothing is compelling about the place, you’d have a hard time writing an impressive piece. Therefore, choose the city wisely. Only then you’d be able to write something that leaves an impression.

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Choose a Few Attractions

Once you have chosen the city, pick a few attractions you have visited there. For instance, if you’re writing about your visit to Paris, you can choose to write about your interesting experiences at Eiffel Tower and Louver Museum only. Or, you may choose to include all the attractions you have visited. But remember, every attraction that you mention must have something to impress the reader. Your essay about traveling experience shouldn’t sound like an informative piece on Wikipedia. It must give some interesting insights to the reader and keep the reader hooked till the end.

Write a Compelling First Paragraph

It is extremely crucial to write a compelling introduction to hook the reader. Don’t waste this opportunity by writing boring details about a city such as:

  •       Population;
  •       Weather;
  •       History;
  •       Geography.

Instead, start with an interesting quote, fun fact, or a chunk of an anecdote. Starting your essay on a trip with something like this will engage the reader from the beginning. But remember, it is just an introduction. You can’t tell the entire story here. Just include some key points and leave the rest for the body paragraphs. Giving too many details in the first paragraph will make your piece sound bad to the reader, and it will make your body paragraphs illogical, without cohesion.

Show Rather Than Tell

Another important point to remember when crafting essays on vacations is to use graphic language. You can easily write that you went to see the Eiffel tower with your family and it was an experience of a lifetime. But, does this sentence show your sentiments to the reader? Does it allow the reader to feel what you felt? No. So, make sure you use a vivid vocabulary to tell your experiences. For instance, you can write sentences like:

  •       The sensation of the cool breeze on my face and sips of the hot latte while sitting on the grass and seeing the iconic landmark in front of my eyes seemed like a dream;
  •       We took the metro from our hotel to see the Eiffel tower. I was busy with my tab and didn’t realize that we had reached our destination until my younger sister grabbed my arm while excitedly saying, “Katie, LOOK!” Pointing at the iconic landmark;
  •       Seeing the Eiffel Tower was ‘love at first sight ‘. I had no idea it would be THIS huge. And, I never realized the ironwork on it was so beautiful.

Also, remember, writing an argumentative essay requires factual, logical, and anecdotal evidence for some of your arguments. So, if you’re writing an argumentative piece on travel, make sure you have strong arguments and factual evidence.

Use Images

To make your piece interesting and engaging, you may add pictures of your trip. Adding these pictures will help the reader know where you’re coming from. It will allow the reader to imagine whatever you have written. Also, the images help the reader take a few minutes of breaks, sink in the information, and get more interested in knowing about that place.

Keep It Simple

When writing an essay about travel, you may be tempted to add many details. But, it will only make your piece complicated. So, include only things that will interest the reader. In short, try to keep it simple. Avoid too much fancy language. Using simple language and topic-relevant vocabulary allows the reader to stay engaged while reading. Hence, avoid the temptation of going overboard.

Describe What You Achieved

Your piece must give a lesson or a good takeaway to the reader. The reader must feel like they have gained valuable knowledge after reading your pencraft. Remember, the importance of traveling essays is to enlighten the reader about various destinations and travel. Therefore, you must include the travel goals you achieve during your trip or anything you consider an achievement. It could be anything such as:

  •       Financing your trip by saving money the entire year;
  •       Managing to visit your dream place within your budget;
  •       Managing to go on a solo trip despite social anxiety.

Give Readers a Good Ending

Many students write a summary of their body paragraphs in the conclusion. But, this may bore the reader and doesn’t give a good impression. Your last paragraph must also keep the reader entertained if you have successfully written a compelling piece. You can add a little humor by adding your thoughts about your trip or anything that gives food for thought to the reader. By doing so, you will allow your essay to impress the reader and always remember it. If you write a typical and boring ending, it would be just like reading a great novel with a bad ending. Such novels can never make up the list of favorite novels. So, ensure you don’t make that mistake.

All in all, you need to be organized and smart when writing about your travel experiences. Organize the information properly and choose which details need to be on the paper. Once you’re done with that, ensure you’re writing to excite the reader, not just share some information.

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