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With a COVID-19 vaccine in production and hope for an end to the pandemic on the horizon, travel looks like it will be making a comeback, and not a moment too soon. Already airplanes are filling up and popular locations like Florida’s spring break beaches are packed with people who are chafing from a year of lockdown. As travel ramps back up, there will be a growing demand for impressive travel writing to help whet the appetite of a public that has fallen out of the regular travel habit. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways to create an impressive travel article that will get your readers excited and interested to get out of the house and visit someplace new.

Writing an Engaging Travel Article in 5 Steps

We bet you know that to write a good travel article you need to gather some useful information, add an emotional component for extra kick, add some pictures if applicable and you are done. However, it sounds easier than it is done in reality. To help you develop your travel writing, consider some of these important tips and tricks:

  1. Write about a journey or a quest. Travel is about taking a trip, so placing your story in the framework of a quest with a clear goal is a powerful way to structure your piece to create a sense of suspense, mystery, and intrigue. You want readers to be invested in the outcome, so providing a clear goal that they will want to see you work toward is a terrific way to create momentum in your article. You can do this in a literal way, by describing your path to reach a certain destination, for example, and the hardships you had to overcome to reach that goal. Or you can have a more metaphorical goal, such as questing to find a particular experience, such as participating in a festival or ritual, learning about another culture, or discovering your heritage. Either way, your readers will thrill as they follow you along this path and discover whether you made it to your destination. It will keep them reading to the end!
  2. Talk about what you expected to find and what you really found. Thanks to movies, TV shows, and, yes, travel writing, many people have fantasies and expectations about a location. Chances are good that you had ideas about the place before you visited, too. However, far too often, what we really find when we arrive at the destination is very different from the Hollywood image in our minds. When you write about a place, share what you expected it to be like, what the audience thinks it is like, and what turned out to be different when you got there. Doing so gives the audience some priceless information that will help them to decide whether they want to follow your footsteps. 
  3. Put your effort into an amazing opening. Audiences will only devote a portion of their limited time to your article if the first paragraph gets them excited and intrigued. If they aren’t interested, they won’t read the rest of your article. So, you need to start with something that will draw them in. One of the most effective ways to open a travel article is to start with the most exciting, unusual, or colorful things that happened on your trip. Capture their attention and then go back to fill in the details and tell the rest of the story. 
  4. Bring in other voices. Your article will be more exciting and compelling when it features other voices besides your own. Using quotations from the people you encountered on your trip will give your article more excitement. Consider, for instance the difference between these two sentences. First, the boring one: “A large bird landed on my head.” Now, the exciting one: “‘Look out!’ my wife shouted. ‘Incoming!’ Suddenly a toucan nearly knocked me down as it dive-bombed me and came to rest on my head.” One is more exciting than the other.
  5. Follow the classic formula: Show, don’t tell. Information is of course essential to any type of travel writing, but you need to do more than just tell the audience what you saw and did. Use evocative examples and compelling anecdotes to show them what you experienced. Painting a word picture with sensory language will help create an emotional connection between your audience and your writing. Let them feel what it is like to be where you went so they can decide if they want to go there and feel those feelings in person.

How to Write a Travel Article Like a Pro… or With a Pro?

Writing an article about travel can be a lot of fun, but if you aren’t sure how to approach your travel article or just need a little help online, a professional writing service like and provide you with the help you need. Reliable writers offer legitimate academic essays and professional and popular articles made to order. Employing a company to provide professional essay writing can help give you an edge in your travel writing.

Why is it so important to get assistance with your travel writing? Well, if a travel article is a part of your academic syllabus, you know why — to deal with the course, to get a good grade, to submit a paper on time. But what if you are writing for a blog? First of all, there are thousands of travel blogs, and to stand out, you need to write quality articles, not amateur pieces. Second, it is good to have an example to follow – when you have several articles written by top writers, you know how to structure your piece, which words to use as descriptors, how to form a reader’s interest through the text. Third, consistency is incredibly important for a blog, and if you don’t have time to write from time to time, it is better to pay someone to write a travel article for you than just skip a publication date.

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