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It comes as no surprise that the jobs and opportunities nowadays are tailored to fit in the digital world. As mentioned in the recently released job report by the World Economic Forum, albeit the challenges posed by the pandemic, the working world has now become much easier to move online as compared to yesteryears with about 54% of workers who have now access to work from home setups. Furthermore, companies have long recognized how the people, which is to say their market, are easier to reach and engage online especially after the year 2020’s life-changing events. While more doors have opened with the rise of the digital age, the competition in seizing opportunities around it remains to be fierce. As 2021 approaches, you should back yourself with the most in-demand tech skills that will make you stand out in the digital space.

1. Cybersecurity

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One of the most important focuses of companies is cybersecurity. After all, floating around on the internet does not save anyone from threats such as hacking, data theft, identity theft, and harmful viruses that can destroy files, systems, and operations. With the weight of what can potentially be lost under poor security, having even some basic knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity can put you ahead of others.

2. Programming

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This is surely among the top technology skills in demand not just in the present but also certainly in the future. To remind you of the basics, programming is a way of giving instructions to a computer so that it can perform many digital operations almost on its own. At the same time, understanding the language of computers gives programmers the ability to interpret data and solve problems that are beyond a client’s understanding. It is therefore understandable that programming would be sought after by many who are about to enter or are currently already in digital platforms.

3. The Internet of Things

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Learning the Internet of Things is essentially what you will need to survive the following years if you plan to ride the waves of digital technology. It does not have to be something as professional and complex as HTML coding. The Internet of Things also covers your ability to adapt and use the tools, software, platforms, and gadgets that make use of the Internet. This includes online applications, cloud storage, social media, and even online learning platforms.

With that said, it would do you good to find a job that is applicable to any of those mentioned above such as digital marketing and online English teaching jobs, both of which are highly in demand in the last few years and expected to further boom in the future.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Talks about AI or Artificial Intelligence have been on the horizon for years since the age of technology started to rise. Now more than ever, AI skills have proven to be essential in even the simplest digital operations and therefore give one an edge over others. AI is more than just robots who can act like real life human beings after all. It can, in fact, be found already integrated in the daily lives and activities of people in the form of thumbprint recognition, face recognition, speech recognition, speech to text ability, and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.

5. Mobile and Web Software Development

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As the search for user-friendly solutions continues, software development will also be progressively sought after by many companies especially those who seek to dominate the digital stage. If we are to ask you, is it not true that you are now very much dependent on the applications on your phone and computers? Software development needs the right amount of Internet knowledge, creativity, and technical skills.

6. Data Analysts

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There is always room for improvement, and having a data analyst helps the company discover what they need to improve on. With the flurry of activities happening around, certain people are needed to look over, review, and analyze all the data that are being received and stored. From a large dataset, professionals in this field take time to thoroughly run through all the data to find loopholes, weak spots, strengths, and any useful information that can either solve a problem, improve existing operations, or offer an entirely new approach for the advancement of the company’s performance.

7. Product Management

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Another one of the jobs that will be in demand is product management. If data analysts can be perceived as the people who are working in the background, product managers can be seen as one of those people who are working in the forefront to ensure that operations are going smoothly. They are mostly in charge of making sure that all AI projects are moving and progressing. The same goes for AI and data activity. Being a product manager can be challenging with how fast things work digitally, but who does not love a little challenge?

8. Cloud computing and management

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Yes, there is another person that is expected to specialize in this field. Many companies who have gone digital rely heavily on cloud storage, which can be pretty vulnerable if no one is constantly monitoring and managing it. This is different from cybersecurity, which is too broad and covers generally everything. With cloud computing and management, you are entirely fixed on what is going on in this resource. Paying close attention to this adds to the security and safety of the company’s data and information.

9. Digital Marketing

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Many are looking to widen their market coverage, and if the majority of the market is found on the Internet, then it is a reasonable and wise decision to have someone who excels in digital marketing. Digital marketers have a clear understanding of how user engagement works on the Internet and therefore can think of the best ways to approach potential buyers or clients online. You can say that digital marketing is definitely one of the emerging jobs of the future.

It is not too late to get into acquiring a skill set fit for today’s modern and highly advanced era. In fact, you can start small and simple by knowing the internet of things and adapting to the devices, applications, tools, and technology behind them. You can find online courses as well to help you get started. Udemy and edx.org are just a few of the highly reputed sites that offer these types of courses.

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