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Before I started traveling, I heard and believed many of these myths myself. After my years of travel, however, with my eyes wide open to the great big world, I thought that it was about time to set the record straight for some of those myths out there.

Traveling the World is Expensive

Sure, you need a little more in your pocket than $5 in order to travel the world. However, traveling the world is not as expensive as you think. How much it costs to travel is directly related to how much time and energy you are willing to invest into it. Finding the cheapest flight options, working your way through your travels: there are so many ways to make travel affordable that if you do it right, it is indeed cheaper than you think. Furthermore, apps have made things so much easier. Google Maps helps when you’re lost, translation apps are a lifesaver when no one speaks English, and I wish this mobile laundry apps like this existed in every city, instead of searching high and low for a decent laundromat in a foreign place.

Travel Is Dangerous

Unless you are swimming in shark-infested waters with a bleeding wound, travel is really not this incredibly dangerous experience. There are of course a few precautions to take to minimize possible theft risks, but even these are pretty minimal. Be smart by keeping obvious valuables out of site and don’t keep your irreplaceable documents on you. That goes for cash too, only ever have enough on you for your daily expenses, keep the rest hidden in a safe place in your hotel or hostel.

Bottled Water is Always Better

Unfortunately, sometimes the bottled water isn’t always what is seems. Apparently 25% of bottled water is actually from the tap right here at home in the USA, let alone elsewhere with more lenient health and safety laws. Aside from getting the recommended vaccinations and medication before traveling to a particular destination, stick to foreign drinks that would not contain tap water (like bottled fruit juices), and stay away from having ice in your drinks. See here for a list of countries and their water concerns. Also be responsible and invest in travel insurance. It is always a good idea.

There are of course more, but these are three of the ones I hear repeated over and over again. Now go forth and be free of these myths.


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