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How to Stick With Your Fitness Regime on the Road

When you’re on the road, your personal fitness goals can sometimes take a back seat to the adventure and desire to try new things, especially new foods that might not be the best for you. Add that to hectic schedules and time zone challenges, and you get a recipe for disaster in terms of your workout routine. So how do you stay on track and still experience the thrill of travel? The answer is simple…balance.

Balance What You Eat

Protein is the foundation for any good workout routine, and that doesn’t change just because your zip code, or country code does.

To put it in a simple manner, protein is a primary ingredient to anyone who wants to have a healthy body. It works to repair external and internal damages like muscles. It also supports the body’s immune system and contributes to the overall well being and an individual. Proteins are used at a cellular level to perform almost all kinds of tasks; ranging from preserving, defending and repairing essential functions of life in our bodies.

Benefits of Protein Shakes

Why is it that protein shakes are preferred by bodybuilders? Well, muscle production is made possible by proteins. Proteins are also used in the manufacture of cellular messengers, hormones, nucleic acid, components of the immune system, and enzymes. If proteins are not ingested, it is hard for the body structures to function as they are supposed to. High amounts of protein in the muscles helps to achieve quicker healing of the muscles in order to build muscle.

Additionally, after a workout, the body is usually prepared to absorb large amounts of protein to start the healing process on the torn muscles. Now, since solid foods need a long time to digest and be turned into particles that can be absorbed to the muscles, protein shakes are the most preferred substitutes because they take approximately 30 minutes to get to the muscle cells. This is the major advantage of taking protein shakes.

How to add more powder protein to a diet

When you are rushing to work or to catch a flight, and you cannot make breakfast, a protein shake can be essential. They are also an alternative that you can make almost anywhere in the world, with produce you can find locally. It is recommended to add some vegetables, a fruit and a source of water as you take your protein shake. Shakes can play as a meal replacement or as an addition to the whole regular meals. Below is a recommended shake recipe formula that involves powdered hemp protein.


  • Two scoops of powdered hemp protein
  • One to two cups of vegetables
  • Two handfuls of fresh frozen fruits
  • Two tablespoons of healthy fat
  • A mixture of your choice (regular milk, almond milk, water)


  • One scoop of powdered hemp protein
  • One cup of vegetables
  • A handful of fruits
  • One tablespoon of healthy fat
  • A mixture of your choice (regular milk, almond milk, water)

Even though taking protein shakes is beneficial, it should not be used as a replacement for whole foods. One important reason is that protein shakes lack many more essential proteins that are present in whole foods. If you take more protein powder than whole foods, you will be taking less nutritious food options. This means that you should not supplement more than one shake a day.

Balance What You Do

Travel is hectic but so worth it. There’s nothing quite like taking in the sights and sounds and smells and flavors of a new culture. However, sightseeing isn’t always heavy on the physical fitness. While it may mean a lot of walking, chances are you won’t be getting in a good workout. If you are staying on one place for a while, look for a local cheap fitness center you can visit on a regular basis while you’re in town. If you are only visiting for a few days, look for a gym that offers visitor passes good for a day or two.

Don’t let the adventures and rigors of travel derail your fitness goals. While you may not get a total body transformation while on the road, you can easily balance your diet and exercise against your travel and sightseeing plans and maintain your fitness goals.


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