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st martinWith the ever increasing popularity of small Caribbean nations, St. Martin is a name that you definitely need to know for your next holiday, this is the place to go. Read on to find out more about what makes this place one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets.

About the place

It is located in the northeast Caribbean about 300km east of Puerto Rico and is roughly eighty seven square kilometres and is divided between France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island has a population of around 80, 000 people, which is steadily growing each year. The main language spoken is English, however people speak a local Dutch and French dialect on each side of the island, as well as several other languages from surrounding Caribbean Nations.

Where to stay

With the large influx of tourism to the area and the Caribbean in general there are now a growing number of places to stay in this wonderful place, why not treat yourself to one of the exclusive beachfront vacation rentals in St. Martin and have a magical experience in one of the most magical islands in the world. There are also many hotels, guest houses, resorts and timeshares dotted throughout the island, so really is something suitable for every visitor of the island.

What to do

Like many other Caribbean nations St. Martin offers perfect white sand beaches that are surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, this teamed with the tropical climate makes for a perfect combination of sand, water and relaxation.

Beaches are one of the most enjoyable aspects of the island and there are also so many options for snorkelling and scuba diving. If you are feeling adventurous why not charter a boat and sail to any one of the nearby islands.

One of the most distinct and unique features of this place is that the island is split into two parts: a French and Dutch part. These two cultures bring their own unique aspects to the islands culture, the French part of the island offers nude beaches, shopping, as well as French and Indian Caribbean cuisine. The Dutch part of the island on the other hand is known for its nightlife, drinks made from local rums and also casinos.

There is so much more to this place that you couldn’t possibly read about in an article, so why not visit the St. Martin tourism website to find out more about this truly great place


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