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Venice is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, but with the price comes the beauty and there are many ways in which you can spend a day in the city without spending more than 50€ in the whole 24 hours. Here’s how.

50 euro note

Money is always tight on long travels. Few things compare to the chilling feeling of looking at your bank balance on your travels and seeing that that four figure number is now a three figure number, quickly going down. However, it’s money well spent but if you travel Europe clockwise, you might come across Venice towards the end of your travels, when money is tight. It’s no secret that Venice isn’t the cheapest place in the world but here is how to survive a day in the city with just 50€.

50€ might seem like a considerable sum when travelling but let me tell you that 50€ in Venice living with the same standards as say, travelling around Eastern Europe, will not go very far. Not only is staying in Venice apartments cheaper than staying in other locandas or hotels, but trying to live like a local will help you save a few euros.

First of all, it’s important not to succumb to the many traps that the city poses us. And by traps, I mean the delicious food stalls that we can find on the street, especially in San Polo or San Marco. Delicious yet overpriced food will definitely not help our cause, so it’s easier to eat somewhere outside the tourist area, such as the Dorsoduro. Venice is a city of students and they all congregate in this area, so businesses here are not aimed at tourists but at cash-strapped students. A beer and a sandwich or some delicious crostini here will set you back no more than 7 or 8€. However, be careful with terrace charges.

Travelling on a gondola or a vaporetto is a must do thing at least once in your lifetime but they do set you back quite a bit. Walking around Venice might seem like an impossible task when you look at the map but you’ll never get lost thanks to the yellow signs on every street corner that point out to the Ferrovia (train station) or to the nearest area (San Polo, San Marco, Rialto etc). Also, walking around Venice is a great way to see the city and discover hidden corners, so this is highly recommended.

things to do in venice

Visiting some museums is also a must in Venice although it’s possible to get in for free or at reduced prices. If you’re lucky enough to have a student card, most museums will offer discounts on their entry price but if you keep your eye out for cultural weeks in Italy, many museums have a free entry during that period of time.

Last but not least, if you’re a fan of cooking, take a trip to Rialto Market, where you can buy the freshest food at super cheap prices, ideal if you want to cook back in your accommodation and save yourself high prices at night when you’re looking for somewhere to eat and hunger is getting the better of you. Most restaurants in Venice charge cover prices; some tell you about it but others don’t, and you get the surprise when the check comes. That’s why it’s always best if the only surprises in the evening come from the taste of the fresh food that you’ve just bought at a fraction of the price that they charge in restaurants.

It’s always better to travel to the City of the Canals without having to count the pennies but renting apartments in Venice will not only give you the comfort of your own home but also allow you a few unexpected extra euros that you can use to treat yourself!


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