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The Unseen Face of Romania Most people know very little about Romania: they’ve heard of Dracula, Nadia Comaneci – a gymnast legend who had the first perfect 10 at the Olympics – and, more recently, a place of great peril after a disastrous concert in one of its capital city’s nightclubs that killed several people. The authorities of Romania have insisted for years on promoting the country’s seaside resorts. But they almost completely ignored one of the most valuable resources the country has – its mountains.


If you take a look at the map of Romania, you’ll see that almost a third of it is covered by mountains. Vast mountainous landscapes, often covered in untouched forests for as long as your eyes can see. And these mountains have numerous wonders to explore, from wildlife to crystal clear lakes and dark caverns waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately the number of mountain resorts in Romania is quite small, and even the existing ones focus on skiing. Besides, the infrastructure of some areas is far from being ideal – one of the most beautiful areas of the country, Padis – close to its Western border – is only accessible by car, with no bus, no train, no other alternatives available.


Exploring the Romanian portion of the Carpathians can be a very surprising experience. In the Western and Central areas of the country there are small villages hidden among the mountains, which still have a modern communication infrastructure thanks to the competing telecom companies. Most of these villages have either cable TV or satellite dishes all over the place, and broadband internet connection available, so you’ll never have to be far from playing your favorite casino pokies online. But when it comes to roads, especially in less traveled areas of the country, they are often disastrous. Remember what you read here. With all the untapped resources laying around them, the Romanian authorities should take the time and make the effort of promoting the mountain areas of the country.


They have things to be proud of: aside from the best highway in the world with an amazing scenery, it has a national animal – the Eurasian lynx – which can only be found in its mountains. Besides, bears – those large brown animals you will most likely only see in a zoo – are literally coming to the locals’ doorsteps, often raiding their trash cans during winter. After all, most other countries surrounding Romania have a coastline, and they often have much better seaside resorts. But when it comes to mountains and natural wonders, Romania could be a tourist paradise.


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