In an increasingly global world, it has never been more important to find brands and companies that can be trusted. Often, when travelling, individuals will be outside of their comfort zone and it can be difficult to know who to trust.

Is the clothing good quality? Will the electronics last? Is the warranty legit? Is the food safe? Is the website secure? These are all valid questions people will have of brands they have never used, or have not encountered before. Some local brands may be linked to more internationally renowned ones, or they may simply be high quality local offerings, with high quality products and services.

888 Casino – US

The New Jersey branch of 888 Holdings offers players the opportunity to get involved in a high quality, trustworthy online casino offering real money rewards. The company is based in Gibraltar and owns a number of gambling brands and websites. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 250 Index.

The company has been around since the late 1990s, in the infancy of the online world and online gambling. Across the world 888 has become synonymous with high quality casino games: the operators have invested greatly in producing and commissioning high quality poker, roulette, slots and so on to provide a competitive offering to players. Additionally, they offer a range of welcome bonuses and rewards for players, rewarding both new players as well as recognising loyalty.

Any player accessing an 888 website can be assured that they are getting the latest in gambling, as well as a secure site that will protect their personal information, and an operator that takes the security and enjoyment of its players seriously.

Commonwealth Bank – Australia

The Commonwealth Bank, or CommBank as it is more commonly known, is one of the premier banking institutions in Australia, and is the largest Australian company to be listed in the Australian Securities Exchange. Founded over 100 years ago in 1911, and privatised in 1996, CommBank is one of the ‘Big Four’ financial institutions along with National Australia Bank (NAB), ANZ and WestPac.

Headquartered in Sydney’s financial district in the heart of the city, CommBank provides a variety of financial services, including personal banking, business banking, and international and institutional banking, as well as  supperannuation, investment and brokering services. Its activities are all underwritten by the Australian Government and various insurers, and is the biggest bank in the Southern hemisphere.

Mercado Fuencarral – Spain

Whilst most travellers will be familiar with international brands Mango and Zara, few will know that they are in fact Spanish brands. There are many more Spanish brands of a similar, or higher quality, and at a much lower price point. Mercado Fuencarral, located in the centre of Madrid, with branches across Spain, is one of these.

As well as stocking its own brand, this Spanish mega store also has more familiar brands like Topshop, Paul Frank, and Ugly Shop. This modern and creative locale is a hub for alternative fashion and since its inception in 1998 young up and coming designers have been given a space in which to showcase and sell their designs. This is the pinnacle of avant garde, and the place to be to keep up with the latest European fashions.

Monoprix – France

Monoprix is one of the most popular supermarkets in France. While it is certainly not the cheapest, it offers a huge variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of choice when it comes to wine, and most stores have a specialty cheese counter to show off all that France, and the rest of the world, has to offer. Unlike its better known counterpart Carrefour, it focuses on high quality produce so customers are unlikely to find budget items, although the chain regularly has special offers and promotions that make it more competitive.

Monoprix also sells the latest in affordable French fashion, including ladies and men’s-wear, accessories, footwear, swimwear, and toiletries, and customers can rest assured that these, much like the rest of their wares, are of high quality and will last.

Cailler – Switzerland

This chocolate producer was founded in Broc, Switzerland, in 1819, making it the oldest chocolate brand still in existence in Switzerland, older than its better known counterpart Lindt, which was founded in 1845, in nearby Kilchberg. In 1929, Cailler, along with Chocolat Suisses S.A., Kohler (inventor of Hazlenut chocolate), and Daniel Peter (inventor of milk chocolate) merged with Nestle (also Swiss; Peter was married to Cailler’s daughter), the internationally known brand of chocolate, famous worldwide for bard such as KitKats, Aero, and Butterfinger.

The Cailler factory is still based in Switzerland, and produces items under its own name despite its links to Nestle. It is predominantly in the market of high end chocolate sold in bars, and biscuits, like Ambassador, Femina and Frigor, as well as the iconic branche chocolate bar. The factory is also a popular tourist attraction, featuring a tour, chocolate tasting rooms, a chocolate workshop, café, escape room and outdoor playground.

Making the unknown known

Many brands that are unique to specific locations can be just as good as those internationally known. Many local brands are able to better showcase local talent, be in in food, fashion, or service provision. Some will even be linked to international brands of great repute.

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