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Three Ways to Kill Time at an Airport

A light-hearted and informative article on fun things to do at an airport when you have time on your hands including taking a look at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

We all know all too well that familiar scenario of checking in our bags, having the boarding pass issued and clearing all of customs to find ourselves in the belly of the airport only to find out that ‘horror of horrors’ the flight has been delayed!

Of course, flight delays are not the only thing that can trap us in an airport for very many flights have a layover which means that again we have time on our hands to kill.

For those lucky enough to find themselves in Singapore’s Changi Airport there are a ton of fun things to do as they have pull out all the stops by providing a host of boredom-killing pastimes for its passengers. For a starter there is nothing worse than children who are tired as well as bored so Changi Airport provides a children’s playground, as well as an arts and crafts workshop. This passenger friendly airport also provides three screening rooms with free movies and an entertainment area with free video games plus music-listening pods. As well as all of that the airport has recently installed a four-storey-high slide! For those a little afraid of heights there is even a half-sized version! Changi Airport also has several gardens to explore throughout the complex including a wonderful orchid garden with a koi pond, and even a tropical habitat that is teaming with butterflies, so you can even get close to nature whilst waiting for your flight.

Unfortunately, Changi Airport a pretty exceptional airport that provides comprehensive entertainment facilities. Most of us having to rely on our own ideas to keep us busy.

Window shopping is always fun even though you are in a zone where prices are high it’s still fun to try out the demos in the perfume and aftershave section, or try out the travel gadgets on display. Browing the books section also kills a lot of time just like daydreaming of the good available in Prada!

If you are not into window shopping then you might like to settle down with a drink and fire up your tablet or mobile phone and indulge in your favourite game. Playing bingo online is a great way to kill some time whilst waiting for your flight, and that might surprise some people who consider the game to be for the more elderly of players, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Today playing bingo online is a pastime of the younger generation who like to get some games action whilst catching up with friends and family via the chat feature, just imagine being in with the chance of a win whilst waiting to go on your vacation and gently bragging about it to close friends!

Not only are you in with the chance of a win but bingo sites also offer a full range of other games including all the popular slots and casino games, and remember you can also take the site up on its bonus and promotional offers if you want to.

The beauty of playing bingo online is that you can play for a few minutes or settle down for a full session, and if your plane happens to come in early the site will play the games that you have signed up for even if you are not about.

Having to wait for your flight can be a pain, but with a little thought it needn’t be a complete waste of time.



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